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Re: Strange Service visit

Assistant Professor

Re: Strange Service visit

Your tests are so infrequent I'm not sure they are helping your case much. I have periods ocassionally when speed is slower but then it returns to quite good. Can't tell if there is any pattern from the way you are running tests.


Re: Strange Service visit



I have to agree with BirdDog here... I see only one test since the 7th with the appropriate file size and maybe one or two on the day you ran the test. Is there something that compels you to the run the tests when you do? As in, do you run a speed test if you get online and feel it is slow? What device are you running the tests on? Is it wired or wireless? If wireless, what is the distance between the HughesNet Wi-Fi modem and your device? Are there other devices on the network at the same time?




Re: Strange Service visit

I would say that judging by the results of your tests, you have normal HN performance.
Not that it helps any, but I would kill for any period when I could have 29 Mbps download speed.

Your upload speed is above the 60 percent threshold so that’s nothing to be concerned about. I notice quite a few tests that are extremely slow that are throwing off your average, but I would probably attribute them to weather conditions either at home or the gateway.

I’ll tell you this though, mind your data doing these tests. You’ve used almost half a gig in a month. It’s gonna eat you up continuing to do this.