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Super slow , here we go again !!

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Super slow , here we go again !!

well, here we go again, have not been on here because HN is sooooo slow and complaining does not do much good, always the same answers.  About 6 month ago I had a go around re- Data loss, that has been ok, my account was monitored for about 4 weeks and all was well, soon after that  my  internet speed was super slow and has been like that until now, getting pretty tired of this. I have kept a DAILY log of my sign in, times and usage. Just today it took from 6.18am till 7:05 am to pay 2 bills online, getting thrown off twice, a confirmation email from Verizon took 6 minutes to receive. I update early in the morning  because it takes so long, Norton sec. updates 1 1/2 hrs. Yesterday Ctrl Ctr. status light was yellow for 2 hrs, I had NO access to satellite, I can go on and on, and that only in the last 6 month , I have been a customer of theirs for  about 4 1/2 yrs now and one would think service would have gotten better, oh NO,  HN is the worse provider ever. We have had great weather, clear skies. I took my computer to a friends house , she has cable, wow, that's what I call high speed. NOT like HN .  Also it does NOT matter what time I use my computer, it is always super slow. A 1 min. video takes 5 minutes to look at with  constant buffering. Again I have I desk top computer, no router or other devices, I am a senior just trying to keep in touch with the world, use FB, email, ebay and sometimes read a local paper online. other then that HN is useless, no games, movies, videos or anything else, Try sending a picture to  a friend, impossible . Emails... have to delete one at a time constant buffering and when I click on the email to delete it,  it opens , not good. Trying to get to the email is another thing, have to try 2 and 3 times, That is HN. I tell anyone  that is looking for a provider to stay away from HN. A neighbor up the road was told  to get special adapters etc. which they did ($300.00) they have HN, it did nothing.  All the complaining does no good, first 3 month were great, after that HN only wants your money. My son has EXCEDE next door, been monitoring that so far so good, will switch to that in the near future if his  service stays as it has been ,  for less money too.  Well HN a very dissatisfied customer here.

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Hi Euni,

How exactly are you accessing your e-mail?

Are you going here then clicking the e-mail link to log in?

If you have a tech or billing question and need help, please start a new thread in the appropriate board. Unsolicited Private Messages may not get replies.

Slow performance? Click me!

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Finally got on here... Yes Liz, that is the only way I know how to.  HN is my homepage, then I click on the link, I have no other email address like Yahoo or thru outlook.  Get message " HN is not responding, recover webpage". Just now it took 3 tries, I finally got it.  Weather is great also ( drought) no rain, no clouds.
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Data is holding steady since I disconnected modem overnight  a few days ago.
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That sounds like a browser related issue, perhaps a "timeout" error.
I would suggest downloading and installing another browser .... Firefox, Opera .... dare I say it .... Chrome.

However ... HN as a "home page" is a data eater.
It sounds like you are trying to access your email by "webmail" .... always a problem.
I really suggest that you download and install Thunderbird as an email client.
Usually getting email thru an email client is much smoother than web view.
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