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Switching transponder.


Switching transponder.

My modem had a fatal error so I bought another one. When it was installed, the wrong transponder connected. And the performance degraded and became unbearable. I’ve tried to fix it myself but I didn’t find and solution. I’ve asked for help over the phone but they said that there wasn’t anything they could do about it. The first modem I had was connected to HR1NLV_1070_6k at 85 to 95+ signal strength that had almost constant 1.30Mbps but now the new modem is on HR1NLV_1101_8k at 70 to -80 signal strength at 1.00Mbps to 0.50Mbps. I don’t know why it’s slow and I really don’t like it. So please tell me that I could switch I need some good news. Thank You.

Re: Switching transponder.

Hello Ryan, 


After taking a look at your account, I don't see any calls but I do see that you reached out to us by e-mail. If you did give us a call, please send me a private message with the phone number you called with.