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Sympathetic to those who are frustrated..

Advanced Tutor

Sympathetic to those who are frustrated..

After not being able to reach customer service via land line myself and having just drove 20 miles up the hill to get cell phone signal (one way) and internet service to find out what is going on with the HughesNet service and why it is down, I can certainly sympathize with those customers who are frustrated with this current outage. It certainly would of been a lot easier for me to have been able to call customer service and listen to an automated message about this outage via our land line..over driving what will be 40 miles round trip after I finally get back home. I do think that some sort of automated outage recording should be added to the HughesNet phone support especially if HughesNet customer service is being inundated will calls rather than a bust tone. While I do see the outage message here in the's not very helpful for those that have no access to the internet. An automated phone message would no doubt allow us customers that have no alternative internet capabilities to at least get info about any such outage via our land line/house phone. With that said, I'm hopeful that service is restored soon...
Associate Professor

Re: Sympathetic to those who are frustrated..

From my understanding, I think they finally got the system to start with an automated message, however, if the call volume remains this high, even an automated message wont help as people will keep calling. They, like most other companies, can budget only so much for so many inbound lines.  Not feasible to pay for lines that may never have someone seated at them.