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System Light Not Working On Modem

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System Light Not Working On Modem

I called HughesNet this evening and they told me to do a reboot of everything and I did numerous times. The girl who helped me said her system was down, so we couldn't run through any additional simple troubleshooting. The state code is 12.7.1 - a transmit problem has occurred. I've read that it could be the modem or a misalignment?

I haven't had Internet for days and need it for work, ack! Is there anything I can do troubleshooting-wise?
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Re: System Light Not Working On Modem



Did you have a storm around the time that you lost your service?  


Are there any trees that may have grown up to obstruct the dish?  Weeds?  


Make sure that your coax is at least finger tight at the back of the modem. 


What is your signal strength?  You can find it in the WAN Info box on the System Status page of your System Control Center. 


Unfortunately, the Reps are the only people on this community than can run any remote diagnostics on your system, and they are on M-F from approximately 8AM to 5PM EST, so they won't be back until Monday.     

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Re: System Light Not Working On Modem



We had rain earlier this week, but it has been sunny since Thursday.


My dish is on my roof and I checked it for any obstructions this morning. 


The modem cords are connected.


It was 71 this morning.


I did call this morning and the woman told me it was a misalignment and I'd need a technician to come realign it for the $125.00 standard service charge.