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System light out on modem

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System light out on modem

I am not tech savvy but can anyone tell me if they have run across this problem? I have tried everrything they suggested and nothing is working. I went as far as going out and getting a new router. I am renting the modem now can anyone suggests a modem to purchase that will work with hughesnet 

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Only HughesNet's own modem will work with their service.   You can use a 3rd party WiFi router alongside the modem if you wish, but the modem itself must be from HughesNet.  


Preferably with a device that is connected to the modem with a LAN cable, if you can get to the following modem page....!/home/status


... what do you see listed for the State Code in the System Summary box near the top of the page (both the number and the corresponding description)?  


The reps will likely want to run remote diagnostics on your HughesNet equipment, so if you don't normally do so it would be a good idea to leave your HughesNet modem plugged in.  If they can't locate your HughesNet account by your Community sign on information they may ask for some personal information to be given through a Private Message so they can do so.

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The system summary box says12.7.1--A transmit problem occurred.



The state code you provided is almost always associated with poor weather/cloud coverage. When researching your area, I see that there has been cloud coverage as well as rain over the past few days. Once the weather clears up in your area, please power cycle the modem and update me here if anything changes. If not we will need to perform deeper troubleshooting.



Light is still out. I have had hughesnet for  almost two years and have never lost the connection in any kind of weather except for very severe thunder or snowstorms.

I had a vaguely similar issue a few days ago that they resolved, but in my case it was three lights that would not come on: System/Transmit/Receive.  I had a 2.1.1 as well as a brief 3.1.1 error, but the 2.1.1 did not show until I rebooted the modem and it was unable to connect.  


With the System light off, I don't think there is any network access so they can not pull any diagnostics to see what is going on.  After rebooting about 20-30 times I did get connected and they were able to pull the diagnostic data.


Maybe try this: on the main page,!/usage





Click the "Built-In Self Test" link and tell them if anything failed.  You should be able to do this even if the System light does not come on.


I had a message "Cable Connectivity Failed" -- I think the hurricane two weeks back knocked the cable that runs out to the "nose" of the thingy on the dish loose, and the tech pointed out that the seal ring was hanging loose on the wire.  Once he pointed it out I saw it too. In looking at it close up, I could see the weathering over the last three and half years had faded the color in the ring, and I guess made it more fragile.  With that loose, water gets in there and messes things up, and can, in time, fry or shorten the life of the other electronic parts as the power for the thing on the dish is in there too, apparently.


Of course, you have the Transmit/Receive lights on, so maybe this is something else -- like a tree blocking the line to the satellite, or dirt covering the sensor -- just trying to guess what would block access to the system if the transmit and receive are working.






Thank you for contacting us and welcome to the community. When attempting to run diagnostics on your account, it appears that we have no communication with your modem. It is possible you had already unplugged it before you posted this. If that is the case, please plug your modem back in so that we can begin running diagnostics. Once you plug the modem back in, please let me know which lights are illuminated on the modem as well. If your modem is currently plugged in, check your satellite dish outside for any obstructions. 



The modem has been connected the entire time. All the lights are on except the system light. I grabbed one of my old computers that have an ethernet connection and trying the previous suggestion.