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Terrible internet services for the cost!!!

New Member

Terrible internet services for the cost!!!

I recently started service with Hughes through DirectTV as I was told they were the internet provider in the local area of our recent relocation.  Bottom line is the service and support are both horrid!  When you call you get the run around and waste hours of time spinning your wheels.

We cannot stream anything, including the DirectTV options and movies so I am not sure why AT&T would link their cart to the HughesNet horse.
We are currently researching other alternative internet providers and TV, as this partnership is filled with misinformation and false advertisements.

Re: Terrible internet services for the cost!!!

Hello agres141,

Welcome to our community and thank you for your post. I'm trying to understand what the initial issue is here - do you mean to say that you bundled your service through DirecTV and they told you that you could hook your HughesNet system up to use their ondemand options and that is not working properly? From what I understand is we have had many customers where that service worked a bit too well and began using up a lot of data - so we know the service does work in that fashion. Perhaps there is an equipment issue. Can you provide me a recent case number from one of your support calls or the serial number from your modem? I will be able to locate your account and take a look at your system to see if anything is wrong.

Thank you