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Thank You Hughes For Resolving My Problem

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Thank You Hughes For Resolving My Problem

I’ve been with Hughes since January 2007 and have used the Gen4 system for two years.  The Gen4 has been a huge improvement over my old 7000 system and I have for the most part been very satisfied with Gen4.


For some time now, I was having some issues with DNS errors appearing in the diagnostics of my HT1100 system.  I couldn’t really tell if these errors were truly causing problems but recently I did notice some deterioration in performance.


I contacted the Hughes support line and was advised that a Tier 4 level rep would review my situation and get back in touch with me.  I was able to talk with these folks several times and they were helpful and courteous and always followed up to see how things were going.


Well today so far it appears the DNS errors have been largely eliminated and I no longer see a string of red “Xs” in the diagnostics but see the error free green checks.  I talked with a nice gentleman today and he explained that they had submitted software commands to help my modem function better.  I told him I would monitor the situation and let them know if any more DNS or other issues arise.


So I would like to commend Hughes for addressing my problem and contacting me as necessary to resolve the problem. I didn’t get the names of the reps I spoke with but here is the case  number 45764427.  Perhaps the moderators can locate those individuals and advise their supervisors of the excellent customer service their employees rendered. 


I appreciate Hughes professionally, promptly and courteously responding to my request for assistance and resolving the problem.


Steve Kroenke


Re: Thank You Hughes For Resolving My Problem

Good afternoon Steve,

We're so happy to hear that our advanced support departments were able to help you. Here in our community, we'll also be glad to help you out if you ever have troubles like this as well. Thank you for allowing us to work with you and fix your issue!

The case number has provided us the chain of agents whom you spoke with and we'll be able to pass on the praise you've given them. It is very nice to hear from long time customers Smiley Happy

Thanks again

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Re: Thank You Hughes For Resolving My Problem

Case number 46134139:  The Service Rep said a Tech would visit in five days.  
Carlos called and came to repair my system the very next morning.
He quickly fixed the problem.  
     Your Survey only covers the Service Rep but leaves out the all important 
Service Tech.  
                    Thanks to Carlos

Re: Thank You Hughes For Resolving My Problem

Creating a new topic for a new praise!

Please reference the new conversation here: Service Tech quickly fixed the problem