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Thanks Hughes Tech Support!

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Thanks Hughes Tech Support!

Okay, I'm the first guy to complain when things aren't going well with Hughes. But Hughes gets kudos and a big thank you for some tech support last evening. Some strange stealth thing was causing downloads on my system and blowing through my download allowance. I hadn't been running any apps (I hadn't even been home), but something was downloading.

The Hughes tech support lady was very patient and easy to understand. She helped me work through what potentially may be causing the problem. In the end the problem was some Google software (ksfetch) that was using bandwidth against my will. Ultimately I discovered a way to disable the very annoying Google malware on an Apple support forum.

But Hughes restored my involuntarily downloaded bandwidth. Thanks so much for this great customer service.
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Re: Thanks Hughes Tech Support!

Good morning, Stan. It is great to hear that you had a good experience with our technical support group. I was able to access your account using your user name and will pass your words along so the agent knows.

Thank you,