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There is a problem with your website

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There is a problem with your website

I have been trying since last night to complete an order for home phone service but everytime I try to complete it a pop up comes up saying there is a a communication error with your server try again later. I hope you fix this soon or I will just go get a home phone from att

Re: There is a problem with your website

So get a phone from AT&T. It's your choice, and I doubt your silly threat will in any way threaten anyone. 

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Re: There is a problem with your website



Unfortunately, with it being the weekend, it's possible that the problem won't be fixed until Monday. 


I was going to do a quick check then post the steps to try to help you get your order completed, but I'm seeing problems as well, for which I started a new topic.  Actually, not just the Voice ordering page, but quite a bit of the MyAccount site, and what makes it harder to discern is that it appears to be an intermittent problem, as sometimes it worked.  


Still, it's possible that whatever is causing it will be fixed soon.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed.  Smiley Happy

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