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There needs to be a way to control the GB used by switching to smart browsing at my convenience.

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There needs to be a way to control the GB used by switching to smart browsing at my convenience.

As a customer I would like to have more control on the data we use.  So when we are over extended on data used during the month I would like the option to switch over to smart browsing until we are back on track.  Currently I have to shut down the internet completely in order to do that. It is a hassle and I rarely take the time so we only have 'good' internet for half the month.  If I could control the data I would only allow smart browsing in the day and save the 'good' internet for streaming movies we all could enjoy.
Assistant Professor

You are asking to control the speed which is actually an interesting idea. If a head of household could set speed limit on the Dashboard it would allow them to control what the kiddies can do.

A software throttle control for the customer. Interesting.

Hi Tammie,

That is a great suggestion. Not one I've heard here before. Very interesting. Not sure how feasible but the feedback is appreciated. Something we will definitely send up. 

Thank you,
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I guess this answers my question. . I'm a new customer I work from home two days a week, I didn't understand the whole vpn issue when I signed up so I've now upgraded to the Ultra plan thinking that will be enough but I was hoping there would be a way to put on hold some of my active data for my days later in the month when I work from home if that make sense.  the smart browsing works great and is basically equivalent or even better than my prior service, the active data is what is allowing me to work from home though very fast and efficiently but when it runs out my connection is lost, I spent $32 to work Thurs last week 🙂  . so I figure it is about 3 kbs on each work from home day so hopefully Ultra is my answer,   I like this community and so far the customer service has been great. . it's just figuring out how this all works.  
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Hey BirdDog, between parental controls and QoS bandwidth limiter in our ASUS routers, shouldn't something similar be do-able? Not sure how it works.

Quality of Service (QoS) ensures bandwidth for prioritized tasks and applications.
  • Traditional QoS ensures inbound and outbound bandwidth on both wired and wireless connections for prioritized applications and tasks via manual user-defined parameters.
  • Bandwidth Limiter helps you to control download and upload max speed of your cleint devices.
Parental Controls allow you to set the time limit for a client's network usage.

Edit: Something like this.