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This has been the absolute worst service.

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This has been the absolute worst service.

This has been the absolute worst service. I have had the internet phone with the most horrible service. We have had the service since January and had complaints but did not become as much of an issue until May when I started working from home as a virtual employee. After 5 weeks of dealing with technical support with no resolution finally cancelled my phone yesterday and they waived the $190.00 cancellation fee. I will say that was after 5 weeks of having the same issue having to explain the issue each time cause apparently the documentation they say they place in a case file is not easily accessible or it their strategy to exacerbate and wear you down. Every time I called there was a different reason I was having issues. I even, at their suggestion, went and bought a phone that was not wireless because they stated that was my problem. Well guess what that was not my problem. During one call their the connection was so bad their voice activated system could not even recognize what I was saying, finally got to technical support and they said they couldn’t understand me then I stated that was exactly why I was calling then they asked what my problem was REALLY!!!! Yesterday was on the phone with customer support, accounts management started with the same thing all over again, was on my “land line” for over three hours the last hour was terminal hold for over an hour. I ended up calling on my cell phone while my land line stayed on terminal hold. I have to say the individuals were extremely nice yesterday I think they just work for a horrible company that does not provide them the support or processes that are needed. I would definitely NOT recommend Hughes Net and let’s just say my internet service is a whole other issue that I am not going to get into now. It is safe to say we finally have another option in our community and even with going with the other vendor for both phone and internet while keeping Hughes Net internet my total bill for both companies is still going to be lower than Hughes Net’s was by itself. I will have another internet which will be faster than Hughes Net and NO data caps. The internet has been so slow even with data that I am having difficulties getting their own web page to load to update billing information.

Re: This has been the absolute worst service.

Good morning Regina,

Welcome to the community and thank you for taking the time to share your experience. I'm sorry to hear what happened, I can understand how frustrating that would be, to repeat your issue over and over. Do you have a case number we can use to pull up your account? We'd like to review how your cases were handled so that we may improve where we have failed you. Again, thank you for your feedback, as this helps us improve and provide better support and service to the rest of our subscribers. Sad to see you go, but I'm glad you do have another option available.

Good luck with your future ISP!

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