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This is my take...

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This is my take...

It seems that there is a common issue of super slow download speeds in this forum...I'm in the same boat. I haven't had download speeds of over 970 kbps since the installation (12/28/2017). And, I've had the same issues with customer support as everyone else seems to have as well. Tech support has tested things on their end several times, and they tell me It looks fine...and in looking at at the system control center web page, there isn't any packet loss, and connection to the gateway is fine. The connection from the laptop to the modem is also good; It's a direct line of sight of about 7 feet. So if the connection from the sat. to the gateway is good, the connection from the gateway my location is good, and the connection from the laptop to modem is good, there has to be a bottleneck somewhere...The only thing left is the modem itself.

I put the model number of the modem in a search engine, and it popped up with a couple of hits identifing the manufacturer, a Chinese company called Arcadyan. It's interesting to note that is also the name of the company that is the owner of the weird mac address that pops up when you look at the wi-fi  window in system control center. And I would imagine it's probably the hidden network that pops up along with the other networks (2g and 5g) when the modem is turned on.

I've had over twenty years experience with electronic components coming from overseas, and I would bet that  ALL the issues with super slow speeds would stem from the modem components..Many electronics that come from over the pond don't work as advertised most of the time. Sometimes you get lucky, and it'll work as advertised, but most of the time they don't.

And, it also begs the question of why there is a network that pops up that's owned by a Chinese company...They didn't say anything about that...




Putting the model number of the modem


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Re: This is my take...



There are known and acknowledged speed issues on some beams right now and the engineers are working on a solutuion.  


The hidden network is for a WiFi booster.

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