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Throttle Speeds


Re: Throttle Speeds

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Re: Throttle Speeds



That's a great download speed, and judging by the TID graph (pictured below) it looks like your speed could even be a little higher during non peak hours, so that's really good.  Your upload speed seems a little low, but that might pick up in off peak hours, too.  Plus, it's only one test at this point, so it could change.  So far, though, it looks like you're doing alright.  Smiley Happy 




BTW, when you test, it's best to use the manual 25MB size for download tests and the manual 4MB size for upload tests.  Using those sizes will ensure that the testing is uniform.  Plus, if there's ever a problem and the reps and/or engineers need test results to look at, those are the sizes they'll need the tests to be run in, so it's best to just use those sizes, regardless.  

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Re: Throttle Speeds

Your speeds look good compared to what some of us up north have.

8PM around my parts means slow unfortunately.



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