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Tips for getting help with slow speed issues

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Tips for getting help with slow speed issues

If you are here hoping to get help with slow speed issues, you are not alone. In coming here, I will assume that you have already called tech support and that they have been of little or no help. Warning: if you are having issues with performance, it could take up to three months before you have some sort of resolution. From reading posts of others with speed issues and from my own personal experience, I am seeing 3 types of solutions, none of which have anything to do with speed. They are:


1.) Waiving of early termination fees.

2.) Lowering monthly charge.

3.) Offer of free upgrade to Gen 5 (This a new one).


The reason these solutions are offered over real improvements in speed is because speed issues have more to do with oversubscribed sattelites than anything else. This may all start to change as Gen 5 comes online and people begin to migrate to it. Maybe.


In order to achieve any of the above mentioned solutions you must start a thread and you must stick with it. If you start a thread and then don't keep it alive, absolutely nothing is going to happen. To maintain your thread just means posting something every few days. In other words, only the squeaky wheel gets the grease.


Hughe's official reps are the only ones who can actually help you, and they will if you keep your thread alive. These people are knowledgeable and are your liason between you and Hughe's engineers. If they ask you to run tests, then do it and provide the results in the manner they request. This will take time and dedication on your part. It will also take MB's so be sure to request replacement MB's when asked to run tests. If you don't do the tests and supply results, then likely your thread will drift off into the matrix.


If you start a thread requesting help with your speed issues, it will get cluttered with others attempting to help. You will be asked to do this and that and will be sent off on one wild goose chase after another. Do what you like but remember only Hughe's official reps can do anything for you. From reading thread upon thread by those seeking help with speed issues, my advice would be to focus only on the advice and instructions of the official Hughe's rep who replies to your thread. They are here to help you and will make every effort to do so but they are also busy so it might take a day or two to get back to you.


Good Luck




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@Gwalk900 wrote:

As I have stated many times ....

Curtis is on a 9000 system, using a single beam out of 120 in the case of Spaceway-3, has a truck-roll pending, is off-grid with goodness knows what in terms of sine wave output being hopefully all tied together with some type of proper ground. 

Exactly.  While problems may seem similar, each person's situation is unique to them.  And while the solution is sometimes unique to them, as well, the testing procedures most often begin in the same way.   

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I have just reviewed some of the threads in which people are complaining about slow speeds and asking for help. Some of these threads are months old with no resolution. They are following the suggestions to do speed tests and supplying the results. Still no resolution.


CORROSIVE posted the following a few hours ago:



You might want to call and see about getting an upgrade to Gen5, as there may not be much they can do for Gen4 users as of this moment till the load on Jupiter One is decreased.



This is what I've been saying for quite some time. The satellites are oversubscribed and until this load is reduced then a person can do all the speed tests they want and nothing is going to change. The solutions listed in my original post are the only solutions available now.


I have a cell phone and provider. If I have a problem, I can call and talk to someone in the U.S. and my problem will be resolved before the end of the 1st call. This kind of customer service is not unique to my cell provider, but when it comes to Hughe'sNet then that's another story.


Best, Curtis


Just read the first post. It's all there.


Lately even the Mods are suggesting that the only solution to slow speed issues is an upgrade to Gen 5.


But the upgrade comes at a cost initially along with an increase in monthly bills.



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There are procedures that must be followed, at the time of you creating this topic among many previous ones, you had an issue, and Jupiter II was not yet ready.  At that time the only recomendation that could be provided is the normal troubleshooting steps to help gauge what is happening and provide information for Hughesnet.

Now that Jupiter II is online, the option to upgrade exists for customers with speed issues that are on SpacewayIII and Jupiter One.

Also, needlessly bumping useless topics is rather unproductive.

Hi folks,


I'm going to lock this thread since it appears to be mainly a source of contention. Please review our community purpose and guidelines in the About the Community area. We want to maintain a welcoming and positive environment for our visitors.


If you have a tech or billing question and need help, please start a new thread in the appropriate board. Unsolicited Private Messages may not get replies.

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@TampaGal: "I don't see how I am going to stay with Hughes - thankfully, Spectrum told me that if I am not happy after 30 days with Hughes they will gladly buy out my contract to get me back.  That is looking more and more enticing as each day goes by.  I never had to even think about all of this before.  I fired up my system and it just worked - and worked well. "


It sounds like you were mostly happy with Spectrum, so your path seems clear, and it's great that they will pay the early termination fee for you!  Also great that you have options in your area; a lot of people don't.  I'm sorry that Hughes didn't work out for you, but it doesn't work for everyone, and I'm glad you have alternatives.  Best of luck to you!



Your best bet for getting any kind of real help is to start a new thread. Hughe's reps will then see it and, since your install is so new, may be able to do something for you. Continuing to post in this thread is not likely to draw the attention of Hughe's reps to your problem.


Good luck



This is TampaGal's topic.

There is no longer a 30 grace period so all subscribers are subject to the 24 month commitment. There are of course some cases where the user was mislead during the sales call and the ETF is waived on a case by case basis.


In the case of TampaGal she has Cable Internet available through Spectrum. It would be a very poor choice indeed to go with a satellite connection when cable is available.

The ETF really is a non-issue in this case as Spectrum will buy out her Hughes contract.





Yes, but I just found out you have to do a one year contract with a full package to get that. Over an hour with tech support tonight and no more than .4 (1 time) mbps up or down. Thats just horrible. I would rather work it out with Hughes, but can't believe this problem. The installer said thst it showed slow but said once installed it will be ok. Not true!

I just did the math... $35/mo more than pkg I had, $420. Cheaper to pay $400 to Hughes, only I don't feel I should have to.

This is great information, and thank you for it! I have found that anytime I post something here in the community, I get a call from tech support within 24 hours, usually less. I don't know if I'll make it for three months at this rate but I am going to try to be patient with Hughes. They are courteous and professional. But one issue is not being able to use my voip phone, so I will either be forced to pay more to my cell co or getting voice service. Either way an added expense. I am going to continue to try to work this out and we'll see what happens. Fingers crossed!!
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