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A year ago I asked a similar question: how many free and pre-paid tokens do I have? Then I finally found the answer under my account details. However, now I can't even find that since the new and improved HughesNet account pages. I can't find any token management on my status meter either, even though I uninstalled it and then reinstalled it this morning. All I want to know is how many I have available to use.
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Re: Tokens

Hello Robert,

There are two methods that can be used to access and manage tokens.

The first method is to open the Download Status Meter:

From its main page click the "purchase tokens" button at the upper right. That will open the following window giving the current status of your Tokens and Token options:

The second method of access to token management can be found by going to the myAccount webpage:

Log in at the upper right of the page.

Once logged in select the "Meter" tab on the screens upper left then scroll down slightly if needed and click the "Buy Tokens" button as shown below:

That will open the following dialog box:

Remember that Tokens that have been "used" from either of the two management screens will, after a short delay, be "moved" to your "Available Token Data" data bucket.

The amount of data that is staged for automatic use can be seen in all three data usage meters:

#1: The Modems SCC meter found at

#2: The Download Status Meter main page:

#3: The "meter" tab of the myAccount page:

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Re: Tokens

Thank you.  The 2nd version you listed showed me how many free and pre-paid Token I have, while the first version you showed did not. 

Re: Tokens

Hello Robert & grapesb816,

It seems that our Champion, Gwalk900, has beat me to the punch and given you a great answer. Let us know if you have more questions.

Thank you,