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Truly disappointed in HughesNet


Re: Truly disappointed in HughesNet

GEN 5 is Terrible and they will say anything to get a sale. Then 620.00 to uninstall . Enjoy its the worst Business I have ever delt with.


Re: Truly disappointed in HughesNet

@MountainMan wrote:

I'm a new customer to HughesNet.

Recently I moved to a location where satellite internet is my only option.

I ordered the Gen5 package, it was installed 2 days ago with a HT2000W modem.

A sales rep told me my internet speed would be around 25 Mbps.

However that never happened, my internet speed has consisently been between 0.8 mbps and 2.5 mbs.

Which is beyond ridiciulous especially considering that I'm paying $114 a month for the Gen5 plan.


I have tried to talk to the customer service (Tech Support deppartment) on numerous occasions about this (I even have a case number).

I have been pleading with them to send a technician over to try and figure out what's wrong, but they refuse to "escalete" my case.

After doing some reading on this forum, I went and looked on my account and discovered that my modem is pointed at the EchoStar-17 satellite.

Based on what I read on here, isn't a Gen5 modem supposed to be pointed at the EchoStar-19 satellite?

I have also come across a map someone posted on here, showing where Jupiter II satellite is "blacked out". It appears I live in one of these "blacked out" locations.

Which is just astaggering to me. If I can't get Gen5 at my location, why was it then sold to me?

Why didn't either the sales rep or the guy who installed my equipment inform me that I can't qualify for Gen5 deal? I mean like I wrote above, the guy installed a Gen 5 HT2000W modem. No one at any point told me that Gen5 can't work at my location (if that's indeed what's causing the slow internet speed for me)


The Tech Support has been of no help what so ever.

They have asked me to perform speed tests, which I did. I performed 3 different tests through the MyHughesNet site and I performed additional tests through MyTest.Net.

What's even worse, the phone I have at the moment isn't reliable at my house (I'm getting a landline installed on Tuesday), so the line keeps breaking up.

I then have to drive to another location where I do have a good cellphone service in order to talk to HughesNet customer service and tell them again about the results of the speed tests I performed.

But the Tech Support reps, as if they are robots, won't listen to anything I tell them, and just continue to ask me to perform more speed tests.

Which obviously I can't do right that second because I'm not at home.

The only response I get from them is that I need to perform more speed tests while I'm on the phone right that second or I will have to pay out of pocket if I want the technician to come out to my property.


Anyway, I want this problem resolved. I'm not going to pay $114 a month for the laughable internet speed of around 0.8 mbps - 2.5 mbps.

I just want someone from HughesNet to please take my problem seriously and send a technician out here to try and resolve this issue.





Welcome to Have had the same and/or similar experiences in the five months of this "service". The Tech folk ran TEN speed Tests and concluded the speeed was about dial-up in one or both catagories, Up/down. It was suggested that it would be "escalated" but apparently it never happened, Now, they want MORE money to continue the UNSATIFACTORY connections. Customer Service appears tobe instructed to prolong the service, and placate the user. Thye seem to WANT me to PAY the early termination FEE or 20USD/month for TWO YRS, which is NOT acceptable. BEWARE of the vague and UN-substantiated claims of hughes. They are IMHO, vague and misleading, and do NOT fulfill thier promised services. DOZENS of speed test, on thier site and others give the same SLOW/iratic speeds and/or connections, regardless of server. Even on fifty nautical miles from me. BEWARE the deceptive claims. As a tech for many years (20+) I should have realized the fraudulent clues, but ignored them to my shugrine.


Re: Truly disappointed in HughesNet

I have had similar experiences.  Extremely dissapointed.  I have less than a year left on my contract and then I am through.  I will not recomend Hughes net to anyone in the future.  If they can't get their technology to perform they won't be around for much longer.  There are better alternatives for rural communities.  You just have to do your research.

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Re: Truly disappointed in HughesNet



It would be beneficial for you to start a new topic, as your speed issues may be caused by something other than the OP's.  Some tests may indicate the cause of the issue, and a solution.  

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