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Unable to get use the service I am paying a lot of money for!

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Unable to get use the service I am paying a lot of money for!

Unfortunately, HughesNet is the only service option I have at my new abode.  No other service provider has service here so I am stuck.  I was willing to be open-minded about it but...  I can't even maintain a viable connection long enough to register with HughesNet online!  Here's the details:

12/8 Equipment was installed.  Had good signal strength; no lost packets, etc but was unable to do much via web almost immediately.   Could get to some emails and websites but had really long wait times.  Could not watch movies on-line or On Demand (Direct TV), access work files, etc.  (Had pneumonia all of December so did not follow up on this for awhile.)

12/23/15 Called into HughesNet tech support.  Was told it was a problem with weather; nothing they could do.  Said to call back.

12/29/15  Called HughesNet tech support and spoke to Maria Mendez.  She had me log my laptop onto and we ran several tests.  Had an average 0.4 Mbps download/upload speed results.  Maria finally told me  “there is a known gateway problem in your area. They’ve known about it for a couple of weeks and were working on resolving it.  Should be fixed within a week.  Affecting other customers in your area as well.”  Maria escalated the call to a higher tech level and said they would call me the next day.  Gave me case #51797847.

1/3/16  Finally received a call from Lettie Fernandes.  Lettie said she had resent some modem programming and she wanted me to try the speed tests again but I was unable to pull up the laptop (it wasn’t charged up).   Lettie asked me to try it as soon as I could and give her a call back.  Left return call number:  866.859.2275  PIN 561166.

1/5/15  I called HughesNet number left by Lettie and spoke to Cesar.   Told him I have not seen any improvement in connection.   He had me run all the connection tests again.  We tried them with the laptop connected to the router, directly connected to the modem, and then with the laptop in safe mode.   Connection consistently gave lousy results, with an average of 0.2 Mbps download speeds and up to 0.6 Mbps upload speeds.   Cesar said he was going to refer case to Engineering and said they would call me on Thursday, Jan. 7.

 1/8/15  I did not receive a call from Engineering so I again called HughesNet Tier 4 tech support.   I spoke to Todd, who told me that there had not been any response from Engineering.  We re-ran the tests:  0.5 Mbps download speed and 0.9 Mbps upload results.   Todd set up to dispatch a technician to come out and re-align the dish.  Scheduled for Sunday, 1/10 between 2-5pm.

 1/10/15   Calvin (technician) arrived onsite.  Dish was in good alignment and all equipment tested as good.  Problem does not appear to be the modem or signal strength.   Re-ran and got 0.6 Mbps download and 1.2 Mbps upload (best ever!)  Theory is that a firmware update is needed for the modem but local tech is unable to obtain update from HughesNet.   Calvin was unable to provide any improvement to situation.  

1/11/15  Received a phone message from Lettie Fernandez, 8:15AM, while I was in meeting.  She requested I call back at 866.859.2275 with PIN 426427. 

1/12/15 I returned Lettie’s call; PIN was not valid.   Call was received by Ryle Paris (?) or Ferris (?)   -- unclear; very poor English --  who was extremely unhelpful; had no clue why I was called, what the case was, etc.   He said that he had to “schedule me to get another call back from Tier 4 Tech support, with would happen on 1/13/16 at 9PM (had him repeat this several times!) and gave me a new case #52039412.  I asked for clarification on two issues:   1) why was I being given a different case number.  He said he had to open a case to schedule the call back.  I told him I already had a case number.   2) What time zone was the appointment time in?  Pacific Standard Time, etc?   He repeatedly told me it was “standard” time but could not clarify if it was Pacific, Eastern, Central, etc.  Also asked if the call could be made earlier, as 9PM seemed kind of late.  He told me that was the only time available.

1/13/15  8:35AM  Received another call/message from Lettie Fernandes, who again asked me to call her back at 866.859.2275  PIN 561166.   I returned call when meeting I was in finished  (11:49AM) and got Joshua.   He took a few minutes to review case (confirmed case number he was looking at was 51797847) and then told me that Engineering doesn’t have an answer yet; they are still trouble shooting.  They will stay in touch.”   He then ended call.

This is a major source of stress.  I need this service to perform as promised.  Will anyone from HughesNet actually improve something for me or will I just continue to get this frustrating run-around?  I have managed IT/tech support in four different states using probably at least 6 different internet service providers over the past 20 years.  My current experience with HughesNet rates as the worst so far.   

Re: Unable to get use the service I am paying a lot of money for!

Good afternoon Amy,

I apologize for the delay in responding but wanted to give engineering the most of the day to see if there was an update. I was able to review your account with the case number you provided, so thank you for that. I am very sorry it seems you've been running around here trying to get your system fixed and those speeds are absolutely terrible - nothing you should come to expect at all. We really appreciate the time you've taken to troubleshoot with us and work through this. We are on alert for your particular beam (spot beam from satellite that provides service to your area) that has recently gotten an increase in complaints for poor performance and our engineers are indeed investigating the situation. This morning our engineers did do some work on the network which should have improved services. Have you been able to use the internet since this post? If you did, have you noticed any change? 

There are notes on your account that this was escalated to one of my coworkers who I can touch base with and find out the status of your case. Thank you,