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Unable to send or recieve imessage photos

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Unable to send or recieve imessage photos

Hi! I have been having an ongoing issue with not being able to send or recieve imessage photos. I have tried resetting the router, resetting the phone, resetting my network settings on the phone, and have contacted Apple and cannot seem to resolve the issue. Is there something else I should try? It is only an issue when my phone connected to the HughesNet WiFi. My other devices do not have an issue with the WiFi at all. At my current location, I do not have cell service and rely on my HughesNet connection to send and receive all imessages. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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"maratsade, that time where engineering had to step in was likely because that issue was trending. Currently I'm not seeing any other reports about iMessage from other customers so it may not be the same situation from before."


Sorry, I should've been clearer about this.