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Unable to use Hulu

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Unable to use Hulu

I have Gen5. I've been with Hughes Net 2 years. I want to subscribe to Hulu, but the buffering is intolerable!!! Had to cancel less than 24 hours after signing up. Told I didn't have enough speed
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Re: Unable to use Hulu

Did you try pausing or turning off the Video Data Saver accessible through the status meter?


Re: Unable to use Hulu

Good morning Oakeydokey5560,


I see it's your first post here, so welcome to the community! You might want to keep an eye on your Usage Meter and Usage History; the Anytime Bytes ran out on the 7th so speeds have been reduced since then. Edit: I realize now you posted on the 6th. As BirdDog also asked, was your Video Data Saver on at the time when you tried to stream? Trying to stream in HD while VDS is on can cause buffering.



To help make your data allowance last for the month, check out our data management tips.  Hope that clears things up.





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