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Unaccountable data usage-hate to sound like a broken record but...

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Unaccountable data usage-hate to sound like a broken record but...

We've been down the "where'd my data go" rabbit hole many times. We turn ipads off, disconnect wifi from computers and put them to sleep etc. when we go to bed. We don't have phones, don't use icloud or any kind of connected TV. We make sure that all updates are done manually during bonus time, and downloads as well. We have no neighbors, no kids, no games, no extraneous drains. 

I've been paying very careful attention because I'm trying out Netflix-watching about 1-1.5 hours per day for the last several days and the data usage has not been bad (I have it set to low res). I have been checking and comparing, before and after each 1 hour show, so I am sure (as long as the usage meter is not malfunctioning) that Netflix is not the problem. But this is the only new thing in the system. 

So want to clarify a few things because we had a 1.7GB data drain last night while we were sitting here watching a DVD, from 9-10pm PST (12midnight-1am according to the hourly meter**) Neither of us were on line. Both of our browser histories show no usage at that time (I checked). 

  - Is the System Control Center Data Allowance Status Meter in real time? (I am pretty sure it is because I check it before and after a 1 hour show and see it go down). 
  - Is there some way that the data useage from Netflix or other sites is not counted until later or ? Like, does the SCS delay showing usage for some things? 

 - I checked to see what devices are connected as per another thread here, but it won't show my desktop and sometimes doesn't show an ipad when connected and also shows an old dead computer as being online a week ago. So that wasn't much help. 
  - **Why does the hourly meter say it's in EST when I'm positive it's not?  I ask this because I am sure that I got up early yesterday AM to download two files and my computer shows that they were created at 6:44am and 6:46am yesterday, well before the end of bonus time. Each was 1.37GB (two of them, total about 2.8GB). The Hourly usage meter says that there was 3089.72 MB used in the 6am-7am EST hour-but I'm in the PST which would be 3-4AM. I was NOT up then.  And in the 9-10am EST hour (which is where it should show my download there is only 157MB.) So clearly this is NOT showing EST. 
Additionally, on 9/29 I WAS up at 2am and downloaded stuff from 2:07-3:34 or so. The hourly meter shows heavy usage from 2-4am. So it's NOT in EST. 

So that means the 1.7GB used between (what the hourly meter says is) 12midnight to 1am which is really 12-1am my time and I know I went to sleep a little after 11:50pm and the last thing I did was send a note on Facebook on my ipad (date stamped). And all of my auto-updates on the ipad are turned off. The ONLY thing I can see is that I may not have turned the wifi off on the ipad last night (since i sent a message right before bed) and Instagram and Shazam were still running...please don't tell me Instagram ate that much...the ipad was closed/sleeping but  not powered down...I've checked everything I can think of...that's the only possibility.

I'm just grasping at straws here because we're doing everything right and I noticed a big drop today, and found that huge chunk gone...

Thanks Community! 



No our DVD player is not hooked to anything-it's old-school (gosh I love old-school!) 

But this morning when I got up I had no internet (funny that) so I called and after working on it a bit and getting it back on, I then addressed the data drain issue. 
She made sure I was saying it was not my drain and eventually gave me 1GB back (out of the 1.7GB I lost) so that's good enough. 
All I can say is I will be paying closer attention to being 110% sure everything is totally off every night and screen capturing before I go to bed, and monitoring during the day-including that old antiquated hourly usage meter. For what we all pay, I'm not going to ignore those kinds of drains...
Thanks everyone...

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