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Unavailable service

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Unavailable service

I have been with HughesNet for couple mo thks now and nothing has improved with the service. I have made numerous calls and all I have gotten was trouble shoot after trouble shoot. Again, no improvements. It will go through one time but I have to turn off every internet connection in our home. The sales rep assured me this was the best internet service and I would be able to surf internet, it was good for smart tv, and gaming. I’m not able to do any. I have to disconnect from internet and use wireless data service. I pay for wireless internet and home internet that I am not available to use. What a rip off! I’m not able to even log on for work without the internet going slow. School has started for my kids and we need some type of reliable service. We were doing better without hudgesnet. The only difference is I pay a bill to them every month never late and they sit and receive free money. I’m tired of calling only to get trouble shooting. This has gone on long enough. Will look into further support.

Re: Unavailable service

What further support are you looking for?


The troubleshooting is necessary to diagnose problems -- you can't get away from that.  


If you are looking for tech support, please list the concrete problems you are experiencing (Latency?  Slow speed?  Running out of data?)  and be prepared to do some troubleshooting on your own and post the results here. 




*I am not a Hughesnet employee or representative. This is a customer-to-customer tech support community, and I am a customer.

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Re: Unavailable service

@Shymikankerry wrote:
Will look into further support.


You do realize that you are posting on a support site, right?   


Satellite internet is not meant for cord cutting.  Streaming has to be done conservatively due to the high speed data limit.  Some online games will work, but real time games generally don't, or not well.  


If you exhaust your monthly allotment of high speed data the speed of the service will be throttled due to being subject to the Fair Access Policy, or FAP.  This may very well be why your service is "slow".  You can see your remaining data with the HughesNet Usage Meter, which you can get here, or you can sign into the same site and look on the Usage page, which is listed under the MyAccount tab.  You can also download the HughesNet Mobile App from the same place as the Usage Meter, just below it on the page.  


If you are currently subject to FAP, your service speed will remain in throttled state until your new monthly data cycle begins.  If you have Bonus Zone data remaining, your service speed will not be subject to FAP during the Bonus Zone hours of 2AM to 8AM. 


What is the Fair Access Policy?  


You can purchase data Tokens to restore your service to normal speed.  What are Data Tokens?  


If your issues are other than this, troubleshooting may be needed.  

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Re: Unavailable service

Hello Shymikankerry, I'd like to first say welcome to the community and thanks for posting! One thing I'd like to point out that you mentioned is gaming; depending what type of game whomever in your household is playing, you can run into some issues. Because we're a satellite internet provider, we have latency, meaning some games such as First Person Shooters (Call of Duty, Halo, etc.) are not compatible with HughesNet. Like Gabe mentioned, other games may work well or may not, regardlesss latency is to be expected.


Additionally, I took a look at your account, currently your concerns have been escalated to our Advanced Tech Support, and it looks like as of today they are still investigating. Escalations can take a bit longer to process and they sometimes require repeated troubleshooting. This is just so the reps are staying up to date on the current diagnosis, but I understand that it can be frustrating to do multiple times.


In my personal experience, slow browse issues can be a bit more tricky to tackle sometimes, so hang in there! If you have any additional questions, don't hesitate to ask! We're here to help.





Re: Unavailable service

Hi, it's been a week and we haven't heard back from you, so I'm going to close this thread. If you need to reach out to us again at any point, start a new thread and we'll be here to help! Smiley Happy


Have a good day!