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Unprofessional installation and slow download speeds

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Unprofessional installation and slow download speeds

I had hughesnet installed just on October 2nd 2019 and since then had horrible speeds and service.  The installer never tested my speeds or worked with me before he left. He forced me to sign something on his device but didnt tell me what it was for.  When he was pulling out of the driveway I tested the speed and had less than 3 megs down.  Since then hughenest technical teams every time I call try to blame it on the weather or say I need to wait 2 days for a call back. I really think I need my system checked onsite by a different technician.  Below are my test results. You will see I am not getting the 25 megs down as promised. These tests were done connected directly to hughesnet router, wifi is off, and cable was tested. I also conducted constant pings to and there were numerous time outs with super high latency.  I NEED HELP!