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I'm a new customer and terminated my Windstream DSL service because of unreliability and poor resolution of the problems when I repeatedly called customer service. So far, I am very disappointed in the HughesNet service. It too is inconsistent and I am unable to stream movies from VUDU or Hulu. Netflix usually works, but not always. Very disappointed in that this was specifially what the Sales Rep assured me that HughesNet would be the best choice for.
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Re: Unreliable

If you stream in HD you will be out of data very quickly and be throttled (FAP mode).

Post a case number from telephone support or the serial number from your modem and one of the official reps will be able to assist you. Note it can be up to 24-48 hours for one of them to reply.

Meanwhile are check marks green when you go here?

Re: Unreliable

Hi psychprof,

Welcome to the community! I'm sorry to hear that you are experiencing this. Using our new single sign on I was able to pull up your account and the diagnostics for your site look good. What I did notice was that you are using a Netgear router, correct? What is the model and how old is it? If you haven't already please try plugging your modem directly into your computer and let us know if your experience is the same. I have seen other Netgear users report less than satisfactory performance while using them. Lets make sure it's not causing this. 

If you are not familiar with satellite internet and metered connections please understand that because you have a data allowance you do need to be careful how much you stream. Streaming in HD can use up your data pretty quickly as sgoshe mentioned. Also as a new customer, the first few days of your service will have a relaxed bandwidth meaning you will not see your data deplete much at all. This is to allow customers to install necessary updates to all their devices without using up your data. Once this period is over, if you exceed your allowance before your data replenishes for the next billing cycle, you will experience reduced speeds. 

As a general guideline, keep in mind there are countless factors that can use your data: 

- more devices are capable of connecting to the internet: phones, tablets, gaming consoles, SmartTVs, and even refrigerators can connect wirelessly to the internet. Keep track of what devices you leave running on Wi-Fi.

- automatic-updates: your computer and any other programs you use will often keep working in the background, even if you're not actively using that program, in order to keep your system/program up-to-date. Anti-virus programs will periodically use your internet connection to check back with their malware database for any updates. You should have an option to turn off auto-updates and/or schedule them for a later time.

- multimedia content: Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, news sites, and other websites will contain videos, animated gifs, and sound clips that may start playing as soon as you land on the site. So much content, so easily available almost everywhere on the internet. For starters, try disabling auto-play video on Facebook:

or adjusting your Netflix playback quality to SD:


- more data sources can be found here, as posted by a fellow community member:

The most important tool to download is the Status Meter, available in the Customer Support Center, to help you monitor your data usage:

Your cooperation and patience are greatly appreciated. We look forward to hearing back from you.

Thank you,


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Re: Unreliable

I will side with Jezra...  If DSL is usable, try to stick with it.  Otherwise your going to have to change a lot of habits to be able to use Satellite Internet efficiently.
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Re: Unreliable

Well, yes, there is that elephant in the room.
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Re: Unreliable

  Very punny Jezra!