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Unused data usage

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Re: Unused data usage

you're far more trusting than we are.   we've been watching them suck it for years.   we're lo-tech.   no cell service out here so nothing, no smart phones on wi-fi...nada.  Only our laptops and we shut everything down (ie quit the application as soon as we're done) when we are not actively using.   Most of the time we're working the farm.   and nothing is online at all.   we use Macs, so no programming downloads without us actively setting it...and we only do that kind of stuff at night during the free periods.

i really got an eye opening experience just now.   i went to the BBB and saw there there are literally thousands of complaints against   
Assistant Professor

Re: Unused data usage

I've heard of Mac's sucking data the same as Windows. Thousands compared to a million plus customers. Have you looked at other ISP complaints like Comcast, AT&T, etc.? Truthfully the BBB is a bit of a joke when it comes to really addressing customer complaints.

How about also turning off the modem at night? Still data loss?