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Update: Ditching the dish

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Update: Ditching the dish

I would have preferred to just put this into my previous post , “High Data Usage”, but it was closed.

So, six months I payed tons for HughesNet service. The last four, only one device was ever attached to it. My 80 year old mother had exclusive access with her IPad, to read emails, look up recipes, and occasionally buy something from Amazon. A little old lady who doesn’t watch videos or stream music easily burned through the data cap every month before month’s end. Meanwhile, I used my phone plan’s data for my own use.

But my prayers to the internet Gods have been answered. AT&T was finally able to install basic internet service to my house. At less than a gigabyte per second top speed, I’m getting better transfer rates than I ever got from HughesNet. It’s slow, but I get a terabyte of data. I finally updated my laptop OS after months of using it exclusively offline.

Now I can finally take a hacksaw to the ugly bleeping pole the obnoxious installer told me could only be placed IN THE MIDDLE OF MY DRIVEWAY. Yeah, that has looked REAL good from the street for the last six months.

So, it’s a good ending to this particular story. HughesNet gets their equipment back and gets a bunch more money from me for breaking their contract; I get to not have a big advertisement for a service I’ve been disgusted with (since installation) in my front yard.

And I get an opportunity to tell people to run (don’t walk) if HughesNet ever comes calling to offer “service.”