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Update: Force Range for temporary improved speeds.

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Update: Force Range for temporary improved speeds.


Quicky update,

Since Jim, our installer, switched our beam last week (18th Jan), our downloads speeds have, once again, plummeted back down to the 1-3mbps range.

This happened several hours after he left our house...and has been consistantly slow since that time.

I just called Jim (around 12.45pm PST) to let him know what was going on (he had requested that I update him) and he conducted an experiment, in which he "ran an OVT and performed a Force Range" on my system remotely from his end and then requested that I run another speed test.

(He told me to pass this info on to I wrote it down to make sure I got it right, lol)


Personally, I have no idea what OVT or Force Range is, but whatever he did has significantly improved my speeds (again)

I'm back up into the 30mbps range...



The problem...(wait for

according to Jim, this 'tweak' that he performed remotely from his end is only TEMPORARY and he suspects that these higher speeds will more than likely only last for a few hours at best.


Just wanted to pass this along to you...

It will be interesting to see how long this 'tweak' does last for..I will update my post with some additional speed testing over the next few days.


I wouldn't be too suprised to hear that a subscriber terminal that's just been registered or run through OVT is placed in a higher QoS class in order to get decent speeds until the installer is away from the premises and out of reach from a complaining customer. Otherwise all these people on congested beams would never accept their installs and get locked into their 2 year contracts.

Well, just like Jim mentioned, and prepared me download speeds have started dropping just this past hour, they have dropped almost 50%

I have no doubt by tonight, or early tomorrow, my speeds will be back in the 1-3 mbps range.



Unfortunatley, repointing me to Jupiter 1 is NOT an we are outside of the J1 footprint.

(I upgraded to Gen 5 / Echostar 19 back in June 2017 as a Spaceway 3 / Gen 4 customer using an HN9000 modem)


no worries, I've known Jim for years (10+) so if worse comes to worse, I can always call him up and have him give me a wee boost of warp speed every now and again..."Use the Force Jim! Use the Force!!"



**EDITED** to add UPDATE as of 8.33pm (PST)

Downloads speeds are now back to averaging between 1-3 mbps.




Thanks for this update, curious as to how long this lasts as well...


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i also wonder when speeds will improve. i am getting 9.6 download speeds. what is Hughesnet doing about it?