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Upgrade From HN9000

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Re: Upgrade From HN9000

I know I'm not Liz, but the HT1100 is the latest and best modem they have right now, though I don't believe it's compatible with the non Gen4, legacy plans.  I'm not absolutely positive about that last part, though.   

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Re: Upgrade From HN9000

Not sure of the OP's location but both Spaceway3 (HN9000) and Gen4 Echostar17 (HT1000/1100) require the user to be within a spot beam of one of the systems.

Re: Upgrade From HN9000

Hi Lach,

As far as I know, the EchoStar XVII footprint doesn't reach down there; any sites I've heard of in that area tend to have HN9000 or HN7000 modems. The HN9000 is as good as it gets.

I'm going to close this thread since this was previously inactive for a few months.

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