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Upload Issue again

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Re: Upload Issue again



My average ping rate is usually somewhere in the 600s.  Yours example is definitely high.  Is it like that all the time?  


To be honest, I'm a little surprised that a Level 4 rep didn't know what the average ping rate is.  With regular Level 1 reps I'd be shocked if more than one or two knows what ping even means, but with Level 4 I would think they'd know not only what it is, but what HughesNet customers see in general.  


Regarding nfw, or "no forwarding", it's supposed to keep the size at what you set for the minimum, as in it shouldn't upsize to something larger, but I just tried it, setting it to a size lower than what I know I need, and sure enough, it upsized to something larger.  I don't understand why.  


If you aren't already, make sure to use the 15MB size for download and the 3MB size for upload.  The upload shouldn't be a problem with size forwarding.  The 15MB size for download is a size that doesn't forward, so it shouldn't do so, but still check the nfw box, just in case.  The reps and engineers will also be okay with you using the 15MB size instead of the normal 12MB size requested, as they know when you have good speed the 12MB test size will forward to something larger, which can waste data, especially when it forwards to some ridiculous size.  I always used 15MB for the download tests when I had Gen4, as my speeds approached 30Mbps.  Using the 12MB size with speeds like that would have been futile.   Still check that nfw box, though, when you use the 15MB size.  In reality, you shouldn't need to, but I would do it anyway. 


I just tried the combined test with 15MB for download, 3MB for upload, and the nfw box checked, and it worked perfectly, with no upsizing.  I only let it run for one test, though, then closed it, as I'm going to be shutting my computer down soon.  Hopefully it will work for you and stop forwarding to a larger size while using those same parameters.


My ping test to




Edit:  The rep may have reset a few things in your modem, helping your speeds to improve.  I hope it stays that way.  Smiley Happy 

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