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Upload Issue again

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Upload Issue again

It made it almost a full three months that I was able to stream videos at any resolution without buffering with only the intermittant issue that would last no more than 48 hours or so. But I knew it couldn't last. While download speeds average 16.7Mbps upload speeds drop to an average of 3.3Mbps which means uploads are virtually shutoff at times. Those averages were attained between 1:00 am and 7:00 am 11:00 am to 3:00pm any day of the week. This has lasted more than two weeks now just to make sure it was a real issue and not a whiny complaint generated by a transient glitch. Currently all videos launch in 144p or switch back to that within seconds of choosing 360 or 480 regardless of the time of day with the corresponding state code of 12.1.9 lasting from 30 seconds to 10 minutes occuring roughly every 15 to 30 minutes.


The modem is plugged directly into the wall, it's been rebooted with the router bypassed, and though there is zero chance it could be related another desktop computer was used (only because I'm always asked to try that).


I have not called the repair number since they have not yet been able to offer any fix and this is where they suggest I bring the issue in the hope that it might catch the eye of a moderator who can delve into the irritation with a better chance of success. The last one to deal with this posted it would be looked into and without another communique the issue was corrected, more than less, for the period I stated, nearly 90 days (76 to be exact). 


I'm on Gen4 having no reason to upgrade to Gen5 (even though technicians have advice me to do so) since I already have a router, 50 gigs of time, and no issue with download speeds beside the fact that it would cost me something like $40 more a month.


I'm open to suggestions.


It occured to me that I didn't present max speeds which I'm concerned might be a bit of wishful thinking. 69.1Mbps download and 86.8Mbps upload. (And who said this wasn't a gamers provider)



Ok, finally got figured out except for one issue, combined testing with max data set. testmynet.PNG

You see the tabs to the right of 'optional'? Both will set the 'minimum' data size but  won't affect the maximum so it still tests anything it wants and of course, if it tests something reasonable the first time and runs quickly it will rerun with more data the next time so it is very important that I remember to click nfw. I'm following your instructions but unless I test upload and download separately I have no control over the maximum data used.


Hughes Level 4 called today (1/11/19) and when she had me run the upload test it was 33Kbps up and 21.3 down. Unplug the modem, bypass the router, long periods of silence and 'still buffering' for 25 minutes until it finally steamed without buffering but I haven't a clue what she did and I got the idea that she had a quota on either words or characters used, kink of like Twitter. I appreciated what ever she did but as she trying to get off the phone I asked if 2215 ms ping rate wasn't a touch long. She said she didn't know, 'bye'. I've never asked any tech about that before so I don't know if only certain techs are familiar with ping rates. I let it go and won't complain unless it becomes a consistant issue. What  is your average ping rate? I don't know if arbitrarily picks Dallas to ping but that's what this is testing. I understand that a high ping rate will affect the loading of a page which is what I'm running into. Slow to connect, handshake, etc. but once loaded it streams with litte buffering now. She must have done something, 1.5 Mbps up - 25Mbps down. Just so it stays. Thanks for the info.


Oh, you're right, I wasn't able to see that your note about being out of data was addressed to someone else. I've yet to figure out this board.


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