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Uploads an Download speeds

New Member

Uploads an Download speeds

My download an upload speeds are ranging from 0.71 to19.23 on the down, my ups are 0.76 to 2.02 thats and average of 7.27Mbps down speed to 1.48Mbps up speed. This was tested 9 times to get the averages. Thats terrible. Any recomindations. I'm Gen 4 with the 50GB/50GB plan For what I am paying per month my speeds are not what they should be. Thought I would try this forum first. Or should I call Tech?

Re: Uploads an Download speeds

Hello Cheyenne

Sorry to hear you're having speed issues. For the low-end results, have you checked to make sure you have not exceeded your data allowance? As well, are you using the 12MB test from to test your speeds? If not, here's some quick instructions on how to get started, as posted by one of our customers:

Create an account at if you haven't already.  While signed into that account, and using a single device connected directly to the modem with a LAN cable (no router), then  perform a batch of five download tests using the manual 12MB test size.  Space each test at least five minutes apart.  If possible, run a batch of tests a few times a day, preferably in the morning, afternoon and evening, if you are able. 
After you've run some tests, post your results page URL so the tests can be looked at.   It will look like the following, but with your testmy account user name where it says yourusername.[yourusername]

We appreciate your cooperation and look forward to helping you!

Thank you,