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Upset With Service and Honesty

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Upset With Service and Honesty

About a month ago now, I tried to move my modem to a different room, as soon as I moved it and plugged everything back in, I had NO internet. I looked at everything on the service pages and got a state code that was a 12 something. Basically saying something had moved my satelitte out of position (storm, wind, etc) and I had no access to the gateway. Mind you, I have had my satelittle for 1.5 years at the time of this and that's when my satelitte was so called "moved". Now I could've expected rain, or wind, but the problem is that it didn't even rain hard here the day they were trying to blame the wind. I will admit, I was late on my bill because of life expenses and getting my schooling rearranged. It just so happens that my service went out after 5-7 days that my bill was due. Now, if you are going to CANCEL A SERVICE I HAVE BEEN PAYING FOR, you at least need to have the common decency to either call, email, or text me. The technical guy that I talked to on the phone said that the ONLY way to fix it was a new modem and satelitte. I told them to hurry up and get someone out here because I needed to do school work before it was late. He also told me and my fiance that he was going to "pro-rate" our service for the days we were without internet and that it would reflect on the next bill. The problem with this is, there's no pro rated amount on my invoice. Why lie to your customer about that when you aren't going to follow through with it? Or do you guys do this "outage" about 6 months from the service contract expiring and then try to lock people into another 2 year contract because you had to "fix" it? 


And let's just fast forward to tonight. I put my daughter to bed, came into my bedroom with my laptop to do my school work while both of my kids are sleeping and I can have some time to myself. Only to find out that I don't have internet!!!! Then when I call tech support its because there is scheduled maintenance on the satelitte which won't be finished until 7 AM IN THE MORNING!!!!! And do you think I got ANY sort of notification about this? ABSOLUTELY NOT


I will be cancelling my service in 4-5 months when my contract is up, or possibly sooner because I cannot have unreliable people messing with my internet when I am working on school work or other important documentation. If you could, fix my bill and either take off the days I had no internet, or put a credit on my bill. And if you don't believe that was said I suggest you pull the tapes. I have had enough of the run-arounds, the excuses, etc. It's pretty bad business practice and the only person it looks bad on is yourselves.

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Re: Upset With Service and Honesty

@kbashoor11 wrote:

About a month ago now, I tried to move my modem to a different room, as soon as I moved it and plugged everything back in, I had NO internet.  

If it was working up until the point you moved it, I'd suspect the something done during the move caused the problem.  Did moving the modem require you to do anything at all with the coax?  Add some?  Disconnect it, then reconnect it?  Pull on the coax going to the dish?  

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Re: Upset With Service and Honesty

 Just as a side note regarding your on site issue

Moving a modem from one room to another shouldn't be an issue unless:
You exceed 75 feet of coax. At 100 feet you will begin to experience signal loss thru the cable. Most standard installations inclue up to 50 feet of cable
In process of moving tugging on the coax something came unplugged or broken inside the coax
Moving the modem causes already loose hardware to knock your dish out of alignment ( I've seen it tooo many times )
If you damaged the modem (physically) in some fashion in process of moving it,
Finally ....& this is essential. You didn't try to disconnect the coax while the modem was plugged in. That could damage both the modem & the radio on the end of the dish.


Good luck & make sure ... YOU verify before the installer leaves you can :
Navigate on the web as you normally would
Ask to have he/she verify in your presence to that all mounting hardware is tight

( info provided as a courtsey from a former hughes installer )