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Use surge protector or not

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Use surge protector or not

Retired SysAdmin. EVERYTHING was on surge protector, but each time the helpful one I get tells me to unplug the modem from the wall. Never get the opportunity to ask why wall. So, what is the protocol? I can see issues with protector, but need to know what Hughes wants. Currently in wall. Currently confused.
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Re: Use surge protector or not



Whether you use a surge protector is entirely up to you.  They say "wall outlet" out of habit (I do to when I give troubleshooting instructions), and to keep people from removing the plug from the back of the modem itself.  I have my modem, as well as my computer, running through a surge protector, and I've done this since first getting HughesNet in 2004.  


The only thing is, it's possible for a surge protector to cause issues with proper power throughput, though I've only seen once instance of this in the community, and it's possible that their surge protector itself was buggy.


So, if you have a surge protector and want to use it, you can.

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