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Utterly confused about data usage


Re: Utterly confused about data usage

@MarkJFine long as you know that:

 1. The amount shown at the top is the total of all Bonus and Anytime usage.




That's a good point!  I guess I didn't consider that.  But, in my case, my usage was very minimal during the bonus hours.  In the case where there is High activity during the bonus hours, and you were trying to "gauge" your usage during the 20 day period to determine if you should upgrade your plan, then your usage would be overstated by the bonus hours amount.  Worst case, you might upgrade when you really didn't need to, but that would only be an issue if you used a significant amount of bonus data.


One might say your reply was right on the "Mark"!


Good Job!



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Re: Utterly confused about data usage

Thank you for your help! My daughter and her husband have been living with us over the summer waiting for their Army officer training to start this next week. They have been packing and watching Netflix all day long. Since I am not sure when the grace period will be ending I put a stop to all Netflix watching for now. There a 200 dvds they can choose from so I don't feel bad. We are 5 miles out of the small town we live near (2,500 people) and are blocked in by hills and trees which eliminate any line of sight options. We have had the only dsl available but Frontier couldn't care less about our tiny market when they keep buying the rights to large cities. They just keep adding people onto the service without increasing data avaible. Our data was unlimited but speeds were usually well under 1 mbps download, think .25 mbps. We are literally 30 ft from the limit of how far the dsl can be used from the service transfomer. We couldn't attach a .doc to an email at those slow speeds. I have been avoiding signing up on Hughesnet because of the data limit but trying to do any business transactions (3 home based businesses) that rely on internet use took priority. Grandkids can watch dvds or PBS for their alloted hour of screen time. So far with Hughesnet we are able to access the internet as needed unlike the dsl which rarely worked. 

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Re: Utterly confused about data usage

did i really use 7 plus GBs in one day????  what the heck is going on??? wish i could tell what i downloaded and from where that ate that much data!!!


Re: Utterly confused about data usage

GlassWire can do this for you. Smiley Happy

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