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VOIP Phone issue--Help!

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VOIP Phone issue--Help!

I am using a VOIP phone system (for my business) with my newly installed HUGHESNET Gen 5 service. Even though I'm getting from 3-5mbps Upload speed it breaks up really bad and it is unusable. I have called Tech service and they did re-boot my modem but the problem did not change..

I also have a Vonage VOIP line for my home but I have no issues with it.....  I'm stumped..  ANY HELP HERE?



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Re: VOIP Phone issue--Help!



This section isn't for Tech Support, so you probably won't get much help here.  You should repost this in the Tech Support section, which you can do here....



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Re: VOIP Phone issue--Help!

Hello Scott, after reviewing your account I noticed you had called in on the 27th after submitting your post here. After speaking with the tech support agent on the phone was your issue with calling over your home VoIP system resolved?