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Very Unhappy

I am really unhappy. I have been on the phone with tech support 4 times and nothing is resolved. I had an email today to take a survey on support and it won't load. This is very slow as far as I'm concerned and there are website I use often that I can't access. Almost ready to hang it up
Associate Professor

Hello, and welcome to the Hughesnet Community, katmcoy,

From what you have posted, I assume you are complaining about your download speeds for the most part?  If so, can you please run a series of tests from and share your results here with us?  A guide that details everything you need to do can be found here:
I highly suggest reading the guide as it will show you how to create an account, and obtain a URL that will let us see your test results easily.

Please remember to run the 12MB Manual Download test, as well as run tests at different times of the day.  All tests should be ran at least 5 minutes apart.

As for the websites that you can't access, what happens when you try to visit them?  Do you care to share with us what websites you are having particular issues with?

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In addition to the info above, please run the speed tests with a single device connected directly to the Hughesnet modem with a LAN cable (NO ROUTER).  The instructions in the link omit this important component of the testing.  

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