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Very Very slow speeds

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Very Very slow speeds

Super slow service, EX. Last night I was watching a movie it buffered 57 times. This was over a 50 minute time frame where the movie itself had only played 21.47 minutes. Not to mention it was very poor pixelation on the movie. On top of the fact this was a new cycle. Yesterday all day it took forever even to go through email. I am the only person in this household utilizing the internet. Weather had clear skies. The service is very very very poor. FYI: During the 90's I had a internet service when internet was free and it was faster than ur service. I have turned the system off as recommended after receiving the service it doesn't help the problem. I would like to know if u can do something about this bec it is very poor service. In addition to this I would like to know if I can use any modem on ur service or does it have to be a Hughes net modem?

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Re: Very Very slow speeds

To have speed issues addressed in this community, first you will need to follow the procedure detailed here:

This procedure is required before the reps here can proceed with your case. 


As for the modem, you can only use the service with the HughesNet modem. 


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Re: Very Very slow speeds



Was the movie in HD?  If so, turning off or snoozing the Video Data Saver may help.  


Because of the extra load on the system due to so many more people being home and online as a result of the pandemic, congestion has increased. When this congestion is high, especially in the evenings, streaming can be negatively affected and the streamed items can buffer more than they normally would.  


The speed tests instructed by maratsade can help to determine if this is the cause.




@pbca04 wrote:

I have turned the system off as recommended after receiving the service it doesn't help the problem.  

Are you referring to power cycling the modem?  


Also, regarding your modem question, though you do have to use the HughesNet modem as maratsade stated, you can use a third party WiFi router with it if you wish.  You don't have to use the built in WiFi if you'd rather use your own.

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