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Very slow evening speeds

Re: Very slow evening speeds



Corrosive, thank you. My service did pop back on at full power an hour or two later, as I was told on the tech support call.


It's good to know that my beam goes to Santa Clara. I'm also surprised — and enlightened — to know that the signal strength involves both ends. That would explain an odd (but nice) fluctuation I noticed. When my dish was first installed, my signal strength peaked around 109. After about five months, suddenly the new peak is around 122. Nothing changed here.


Thanks so much for your help.

Re: Very slow evening speeds

I've had another sudden drop in signal strength this morning (receive signal strength 15), and service is down. There are no weather issues here and no obstruction of the dish.


When this happened about a week ago, I called customer service and was told that there was fog in Santa Clara (which other forum users said was not true). Customer service said that service should be restored in an hour or two. And in fact service flipped back on about two hours later.


I'm not going to go through the pain of calling customer service this time — at least not unless the problem persists. But I'm posting here just so the moderators (and other customers) are aware of the trouble.


I'm tethered to my iPhone at the moment on fringe cellular service.


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Re: Very slow evening speeds



If/when you experience this, you always have the option of checking the weather conditions in Santa Clara with your alternate ISP. 

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Re: Very slow evening speeds

Our property is in the sierra foothills of Central California near Frenso, California.  We too continue to experience extreme slow internet speeds (100-200 kbps) during evenings, weekends, and all hours of the day and nigth during holidays.  This was obviously due to over subscribing the satellite for our area. 

However, I still went through the entire tech support trouble shooting and everything on my end was in perfect and correct working order.  I was finally routed to a "level 4" engineering tech in the USA about this problem.

I let the the level 4 engineer tech know that I know the problem is too many people subscribed to the satellite and he said "well, thank you for making my job today easy...yes, you are 100% correct...we have too many people on the satellite you are using."  He said there is obviously nothing anyone can do to fix this and gave us a $30 credit each month for the next 6 months.  The credit is fine but still doesn't fix or address the problem.

HughesNet net lied to all of us (at least in my area) about being able to have high speed internet and streaming video capabiility with this new Gen 5 satellite b.s.

The real question is when will HughesNet fix this issue by either lowering subscribers on the satellite, put up more satellite and/or open up more beams to reduce the overload, or reduce/turn off streaming video so we at least have decent internet speeds in general (and not just during weekdays during work hours when no one is on the internet).

I can smell a no brainer class a. law. Suit coming from a mile away on this one!  HughesNet, you may want to resolve this sooner than later......


Re: Very slow evening speeds

Same here, i had to come to this forum to get bill credit, but so far no other info about the "fix". I think the obvious solution is to move some customers to a different beam or point them to a different satellite, but so far most of us have had no luck getting answers on here. Most of my posts have been ignored by the moderators.

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Re: Very slow evening speeds

mattyxp wrote:

He said there is obviously nothing anyone can do to fix this and gave us a $30 credit each month for the next 6 months. 

Not true.    

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Re: Very slow evening speeds

Hi IntoTheWoods,


Thank you for your updates and your patience while we continue to work on addressing concerns. Your beam is still currently under investigation. Please check your private messages in the top right corner of the community page as I've sent you a PM to further address your concerns. I also noticed that @rosa1 created a thread about HughesNet voice concerns, we'll look in to that as well.


Your patience and understanding are much appreciated.




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Re: Very slow evening speeds

This is exactly my story too.  First few months was as advertised.  Then my speeds are measured in kbps.  Mostly in the evening but not always.  Often anytime during the weekend.  Then randomly during the week day it can jump to 14 mbps.  Never better than that. You can test once with results in kbps, them 5 minutes later 4 mbps, then 2 minutes later back to kbps.  

Called customer service.  Pushed through 2 case numbers accelerated up to higher tech support for both each time. Same promise of 48 hr call back.  3 weeks and counting with no call back.  So I just keep calling assuming they will eventually break this loop to nowhere.

For now, living without ability to download attachments.   Hopefully if I keep trying I can get a solution or explanation.  Either would be helpful.