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Video Data Saver Button DISAPPEARED

Brand new Hughesnet customer here. I have had it exactly 1 month and 1 day.


First 20 days were glorious. No data was being recorded or counted towards my month 30gigs, it was great. I had no issues with the service aside the obvious latency involved with satelite internet. Then bam. 20 days come and go. I attempt to log into my Hughesnet app before heading to work on day 21 to be met by this message all day 'services not available'. I get home from work and my wife has streamed 90% of the monthly data in one day because I could not turn on data saver. I thought no biggie. We'll just play it easy for the next 10 days and I'll get to experience the slow speeds once I run out. 


Month 2 begins, day 31 (Today). I go AGAIN to attempt to turn on Data Video Saver to save the precious 30gigs for the new month and low and behold I had no issue booting the app, but now the Video Data Saver Button Slider has COMPLETELY DISAPPEARED from my phone app. I can't find it online when I log into on a computer, I cant find it on the Hughesnet Windows App. My wife has again burns 10% of our data in the first 3 hours of the morning with my kidos watching Youtube. I googled Hughesnet Video Data Saver Button Disappears and found MULTIPLE other people experience the same thing as me....


This is absolutely insane. I am convinced that everything about this service pushes its customers to click the "Buy Tokens" button. Every move, every issue, every moment using this service I feel it has basically set me up to eventually spend more money to buy more data. The sad thing is its obvious that everyone who HAS to use this service is for a good reason, they have no other options really. What a manipulative business model.


Look. I get it, I do fully understand that we can't have everyone on this service full bore speed and no data caps, I fully understand that.. but come on. Why can't everyone just have 15gbs down at all times with NO data caps with heavy usage times in your area w/ the possibility of reduced speeds? I would be plum happy with that.. I can't stand data caps... I can't stand being taken advantage of, spending gobs of money each month, checking my data usage pie chart every day multiple times anytime I want to use my internet. On top of customers feeling this way and potentially leaving.. Hughesnet gets to collect $400 more of your hard earned money, so no biggie =D


So yea, I guess. Hughesnet guys, where's my Data Video Saver Button?

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This morning I was able to test with, and the VDS is definitely working.  🙂    


VDS On (default)...



VDS Snoozed (Off)...



***  I don't use, nor do I recommend, for speed testing.  I only used it to test and demonstrate the VDS, as it mimics streaming, causing the VDS to kick in and do its job.

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Hello folks, 


This should be resolved now, if you still have any lingering issues with the VDS setting being visible, please let us know. I appreciate your patience while our engineers squared this away.


If you have a tech or billing question and need help, please start a new thread in the appropriate board. Unsolicited Private Messages may not get replies.

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