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VoIP with Gen 5 Speeds


VoIP with Gen 5 Speeds

We've been wanting to get rid of our landline for YEARS!  It's so expensive.  $76/month Smiley Surprised  But, with Gen 4 speeds, there was no way we could use a VoIP service.  I've just signed up for Gen 5.  Do you think it's safe to say that VoIP will work well?  The only thing I'd miss is faxing capabilities but I think I can find another solution.  We've had the same landline number for over 35 years.  That might be a logsitic nightmare!  Can you keep your old landline number?

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Re: VoIP with Gen 5 Speeds

As to porting your present number .....

Once you start the process, and it can take some time, your number is currently "own" by your present carrier and must be released by them.

Not all numbers can be ported. you WILL have to maintain your ground based carrier until the porting is accomplished.