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Voice Service Useless

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Voice Service Useless

I had my internet and voice installed on May 29, 2017. The internet seems to work well for the most part but the voice has been useless since day 1. I have not been able to have one single call without problems. I have diligently worked with customer support to try and correct this. You even sent me a new telephone modem but there was no improvement. I had to have my old phone service reconnected since I can't Have a conversation using your equipment. Customer support tells me that even though the phone service hasn't ever worked I have to pay for this for two years. Outrageous!! I don't understand how you can charge for a service you have failed to provide.
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Re: Voice Service Useless



I only ask this as I've seen it being the cause of one other person's Hughesnet Voice issues, but are you using a cordless or corded phone?  If cordless, do you have access to a corded one that you could try to see if it makes any difference?   It did for the other person I speak of, though your issue may not be related.  It's only an idea.    

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