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Voice service quality issues

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Voice service quality issues

I have had ongoing issues with Hughes Phone service. At all times of the day and in all weather, both sides of a phone call complain of the other side cutting out, and also hearing long drawn out words that sound almost robotic. It has gotten so bad that a call often has to be placed several times in a row in an attempt to get a better connection. Very frustrating.


On 12/15/20 I called, then online chatted with, Hughes tech support. After some brief troubleshooting, the case was "escalated to engineering" and I placed a few calls for their reference. I was told I would receive a call back from them in 24-48 hours. After hearing nothing, I emailed on 12/18 and was told they were working on a solution. I still have heard nothing from  Hughes and my call quality is still very poor. I called customer support on 12/28 and was told my case has been escalated to "upper engineering" or some such dept, and to expect a call back in 24-48 hours.


I would really like more info than just a general "we are working on it and will call you back", especially since that has not ever happened. I feel like I am getting the run around.


Re: Voice service quality issues



Thanks for posting! I see it's your first time here on the Community, welcome! Please send a private message with your account number or a phone number tied to the account to this link, so we can look into this.