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WGT World Golf Tour unplayable in multiplayer mode

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WGT World Golf Tour unplayable in multiplayer mode

WGT, ( an on line golf game, is nearly unplayable in multiplayer mode on a Hughes satellite connection. Playing with 2 or 3 others the game-loads between shots is unbearably slow often resulting in a WGT message box during game play: "CONNECTION LOST. COULD NOT CONNECT TO WGT. There seems to be a problem with your internet connection. A connection with WGT servers could not be established. Do you want to retry?"  Argh.


Clicking 'No' drops me out of the  game. Clicking 'Yes' continues the game but only after a 45 second or so delay for me and my playing partners. Out of courtesy to them I often need to forfeit to speed up their play. This is not a resource-demanding game: a course screen loads, someone takes a shot, repeat. The game loaded and played fine in multiplayer mode on a 2mbps dsl conenction but I really can't impose the delays between shots on my playing partners using Hughes.


Any thoughts or suggestions in improving the shot-load lag and eliminating the CONNECTION LOST issues is appreciated.



A 45 second delay and eventual drop of the connection by WGT is a problem beyond mere latency. 




something is going on, i know about 3 months ago i could be world of warcraft with around 500-600ms no problems and thats not a huge delay but here recently over the past few months its been at 3000-5000ms and its simply unusuable.