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Wake Up Hughes Net!! Want more Customers??

New Member

Wake Up Hughes Net!! Want more Customers??

Not ALL ISP's have caps on data....Otelco give around 3-4 mbps for $79/mo with UNLIMITED Internet.Wake up Hughes Net....if you want a LOT of customers then do the right thing and offer a GOOD data package!!

Re: Wake Up Hughes Net!! Want more Customers??

Hello R Smith,

I see this is your first time here, so welcome to our community. As a company, we are always striving to satisfy our customers in every aspect of our service. With the role of being a satellite internet service provider, there are certain limitations to the technology including network traffic, balancing and life of the satellite. Based on average data pulled from our systems, our plans are based on the average customer's bandwidth use amongst other factors. You can see this topic here, where an official of HughesNet explains why we have data caps:

Otelco may be able to provide unlimited service, but they are also a DSL provider, which is very different from the technology that HughesNet uses. Please let us know if we can assist you with anything else!

Thank you