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We are paying for Hughes Net to scam us.

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We are paying for Hughes Net to scam us.

I wish that we read reviews before signing a contract with this company. Since our "service" began we have had continuous issues with slow connection, sometimes no internet at all. We continue to pay our bill on time while calling to complain. Tech support happily walks us through troubleshooting and "fixes" the problem of slow speeds, only for the issue to return within a few days. We finally had enough and decided to cancel our service, told we would be charged $325 for termination fees minus $100 for our dissatisfaction. I received an invoice for $341 yesterday and customer service states they "cannot find the conversation" deducting $100 from our charges. How can this not be found?? I know it was recorded because I hear your disclaimer every time I call to complain. So convenient that you "cannot find" a conversation that would actually help a customer. I am beyond shocked by the amount of frustration you have caused my household by charging us $90/month for a service we never received in full. Your company is garbage.  

Re: We are paying for Hughes Net to scam us.

Hi Emily,

Welcome to the community and thanks for posting! Sorry to hear that you've decided to cancel your service. I understand your frustration and I assure you that we'll look into this further on our end and see what we can do. In any system there can be glitches. Maybe the call is somewhere, we have different ways of finding it. What we'll need is a bit more specifics on the day. Do you remember the date? Maybe the week of a certain period would work as well. Were you given a case number that you jotted down? Hope to hear from you soon.

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Re: We are paying for Hughes Net to scam us.

I have been having problems for months with the modem flashing all 3 lights using data when nothing is on and no wireless router is on anymore but still uses the data I am paying for. I have tried many things they told me too but still having the same problem again today. So frustrated!
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Re: We are paying for Hughes Net to scam us.

Keith, to get the Hughesnet representatives on this site to address your concerns, you should start a new thread. Click on "New Post" at the top of the page. The reps will be back tomorrow at 9 am EST.
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Re: We are paying for Hughes Net to scam us.

Thanks so much! I am new to this.
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Re: We are paying for Hughes Net to scam us.


It not unusual for the receive and transmit light to blink. The modem when powered up is in constant communication with the Hughes Gateway.

That "overhead" data is not charged against your allowance.

It is possible that data is being used by one or more devices on your network without your knowledge.

Routers themselves can use data depending on their internal settings. Data can be used by nearby devices if guest accounts are not disabled. Wireless devices can connect to your network if all wireless frequencies have not had proper wireless encryption enabled.

There has been a report by one user that a computer that had its normal internet connection disabled was able to reconnect to the network by using a wireless printer as an access point.

Finally we have the question of "are the devices really OFF or are they in sleep or hibernate mode"

Besides starting a new thread of your own so that support can be focused on your issue I would suggest that you run a modem isolation test to rule out any possible issues with the modem itself.

Here is the procedure:

Once you have started your own topic and have posted the results of the above test we can determine the next step to be taken.

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Re: We are paying for Hughes Net to scam us.

Short version, you are out of Anytime Bytes (8am to 2am time period), you are also out of Token Bytes (if available used if Anytime Bytes are depleted)

Cause? I don't know......
How much data used by speed tests?
What does the Status Meter History Display show?

What does the last 24 hour SC History show?

Do the times and rate of usage seem reasonable for your activity during those times?
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Re: We are paying for Hughes Net to scam us.

Mr Hobbs,
You are a real piece of work.

I try to help point in the direction of where you can get data to support your case and you come back with snobbish ridicule.

You have all the social grace and and people skills of a dead gazelle.

The root cause of your issue may in part be your Hughes connection. It may also include something in or on your network and your head is too large to grasp anything other than  ...... your own egotistical self.
 You remind me of a box of hammers.

Once again, without data, its just another opinion.

My questions were geared towards .... "is the modem burning data on its own?"

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Re: We are paying for Hughes Net to scam us.

Sorry Michael, Bad day!
Sadly there is no "inflection" in the typed word.
Believe my, I'm only trying to find that "something" that is at the root of your poor speeds and loss of data.

Apology accepted.
Sometimes computers can be real hair-pullers.
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Re: We are paying for Hughes Net to scam us.

I posted the "rolling hourly" to see if a local "activity" can be tied to a usage amount claimed by Hughes.

Sometimes things can get strange. Example: My router claims I have used 2300 MB since refill, the usage meter says I used 1780 MB.
The "error" is in my favor and I know the likely reason is me benefiting from "compression". As a "Mystery" I'm good with the result.
It does go the other way though, and when it does I want to know why.

As I said a long time back, slow speeds and data loss often go together.
The fly in the ointment is you have a Mac and usually they are not subject to the same issues as a Windows based machine. There is always stuff like an overlooked sync function or cloud backup.

There is a massive difference between the Spaceway system you have and the Gen4 Echostar17.
I think users like yourself will benefit from the new Sat going up 12/16/16

They cut "sweetheart" deals when ES17 went active, hopefully we will see this on the new bird. It took, as I recall, about three month after launch before there was widespread subscriptions to the then new bird.