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WebSiteChanged HnSat

WebSiteChanged HnSat
Yes and drastically for some users, less noticeable for others
-User interface (ui) = dashboard within browser.-

     a very usefull tool:
especially when modem is unavailable as in 100s of miles out of wi-fi range.


Where was the news = heads up that this change was coming?

Will update this post as am able to get back into posts that have locked.
1st intro page.(gone or redirected) ~vs.~ good or better, U tell me.
2 Account info Acp customers will need to add info here.

3 Bill ~ ing Especially for those keeping copies as 1 should (pdf details)
7 E-mail: problems reported.

Orig. posts: 
titles to read 4 future reference as they have been locked to replies or edits.

.AcpResearcher Before your 1st bill Learn! Recurring/One Time Charges: fees
.When to change plans? Service or Promo to take effect in desired billing cycle / calendar month?

PLan Downgrade30+50->15+50GB 27-/-3-/-2023

When is the right time to change PLans?
& where did the button go to do so?

UPDATE : No solution yet, we're still of~5-/-2023

Where did the quotes button ? for this:

AcpResearcher_2-1682680708841.png AcpResearcher_3-1682680710494.gifLiz
Moderator In response to AcpResearcher 3 weeks ago

Hi, just an update on the change plan button, it is not shown to ACP customers so they are encouraged to call us if they want to change plans. As I've previously mentioned, the ACP can't be combined with other promotional offers, so that's why one should call in so one of our reps can guide you thru plan changes to keep your ACP intact.

Hope that clears things up.


as of April:4-/-28-/-2023
no definate reply:
@LizCan?We find a way to say:
"This is how one can schedule Plan changes" 
or "This is when Plans can be changed with no adverse effects."

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First, it doesn't help to flood your topic with numerous things and take it all over the place.

Second, it doesn't help to flood your topic with font changes.

Third, it doesn't help to flood your topic with scores of tags.


No offense, but you make it very difficult to help you with anything because your posts/topics are just too difficult to decipher... and no one should have to do so. 

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One can't even figure out what the topic is actually about. Looks like random ranting.