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What Changed witht the HughesNet Service in 2017?

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What Changed witht the HughesNet Service in 2017?


Does anyone have any information as to what may have changed with the way HughesNet handles our data streams?  I estimate that 3rd quarter last year performance began to degrade and by the end of 2017 I could no longer reliably do the relaitvely simple things I have done with the service for 11+ years. I am now using the Gen5 service, but the issue began before the upgrade.


Here is what I have been experiencing:

  1. Wildly varying download data rates between the advertized possible rate and lilterally 0 bps for unacceptably long periods.  I understand they vary, but this far worse than it has ever been.
  2. High rates of packet loss (7-20% on the worst days) and yet the service center says they see no problems with my system

These issues result in the following with boring regularity:

  1. Navigating within secure sites results in multiple timeouts (e.g. took me 15 minutes to order a movie from Directv's site on a Saturday night - not download just place an order)
  2. Downloads literally sit stalled at or near 0bps and intermittently start up again only to stop again (e.g. a simple video from YouTube will stop buffering for literally up to 10 minutes before starting again)
  3. Navigating normal websites is generally successful, yet not as smooth as in the past. they are slower to load and intermittent.
  4. Basically all measures of performance have tanked.

Now before I get the usual questions:

  1. Weather is not a factor. The problem persists regardless of weather at my location and the HughesNet satellite service center.
  2. The system status and the advanced diagnostics screens almost always show green across the board.  Only the occassional uplink failure or unusual diag code, but far to rarely to be of concern and tech support's tests always come out good from their end.
  3. I recently had the dish repointed by a service tech without improvement
  4. The service tech found no other issue with my equipment
  5. I have a new Gen 5 modem
  6. There is no improvement gained by making a direct connection from only one computer to the modem
  7. No, I have not run out my data allowance, the issues continue even with the full 50G available
  8. There are only two users in the household and we do not stream TV or Movies

All this leaves me wondering if HugheNet has changed how they handle our data.  Has the service become so overloaded that even minimally acceptable performance is no longer possible?  Has the traffic prioritization method changed? Etc. Etc.


I have my phone service through Hughes as well and that always seems to work satisfactorily.  Knowing that the phone is given some priority in order to function adequately also points to a change is how other data is handled.


Does anyone have reliable information about service changes or similar issues?  After 11+ years of adequate performance I find the service now unacceptable for even relatively simple usage.



Even given the unstandable issues associated with satellite internet service I have used this service for 11+ years and since 3rd quarter 2017 I can no longer reliably engage in my normal activity.  My usuage patterns have not changed, so I must assume it is the service that has changed given that tech support insists there is nothing wrong with my service.


Thank you


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Re: What Changed witht the HughesNet Service in 2017?

Only feedback I have is my speed and everything else like streaming has been pretty good. I am still Gen 4 though on the older satellite and historically good beam/gateway.


Personally, even if my HT1100 modem dies I will request another one as replacement and fight like heck not to go to the 2000W modem. Plus I love my Asus router, I have no use for the Hughes wireless built in router.