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What a RIP OFF!! Please don't get dragged in!!

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Re: What a RIP OFF!! Please don't get dragged in!!

This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled This seems Fishy!! Would love some answers!!.

I took the advice here and hooked up my mobile hot spot on my phone to my Roku to watch Netflix. I also decreased my viewing from Ultra HD to standard viewing. I've been watching Netflix using my Mobile Hot spot for a large portion of the day and did not even break 1GB of data used. I also disconnected my modem/router for the Hughes Net Service to make sure there was no interference between connections. Now, the experiment begins... I had a little over 1GB left in my Hughes Net allowence so I decided to see how long that would last doing the same exact thing I did with my mobile hot spot. WELL, I didn't get far at all!! I disconnected my phone, I completely shut off my phone so the connection's wouldn't interfere, etc. I only got halfway through the same exact movie I watched earlier in the day with my hotspot on. My Hughes net 1GB wiped out in less than an hour. While I didn't even use 1GB with my being connected for hours upon hours (around 8hrs total), with my Mobile Hot Spot.... HMMMMMM... HOW does that happen?!?! Both times I watched in the same standard resolution but Hughes Net drains my remaining 1GB and my T-Mobile hotpot 1GB is still going strong...
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Re: What a RIP OFF!! Please don't get dragged in!!

I'm streaming from my Roku to my TV. I do not have a laptop or any other device to connect to Internet other than my phone which I shut off during viewing with Hughes Net service... The difference between the Hughes Net data usage and Mobile Hot Spot data useage for the same exact thing is substantial. The same exact movie watched in the same exact format (low 0.3GB per hour) ate a little over 1GB in less than an hour connected to Hughes Net. Where as my Mobile Hotspot Streamed it correctly at the correct viewing (low definition). My Netflix setting is set to low definition. So, there's no way it was viewd in HD...
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Re: What a RIP OFF!! Please don't get dragged in!!

I would also LOVE to know how, on a password protected Internet service, can THIS HAPPEN?? THIS being data useage when I wasn't even home!! There's no tablets/laptops in my home to connect for upgrades/downloads, etc. I watched the movie I mentioned around 1pm. I was out all morning for Father's day Breakfast, etc and we did not return home until 12:30pm. And it was never used around 8PM as shown.. So I'm not understanding the usage grid here one bit. Can someone shed light on this part?? AND notice screens shot # 2.... Funny how it says there was useage starting at 5AM when for ONE: We have NO DATA to be streaming video with through netflix in the first place (the only thing we use service for) AND no one was even awake in our house to use the service until 6:45AM. Then it was turned on a little after 7AM and streamed off of my Bonus Bytes allowence until 8AM... NOTHING is adding up here.
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Re: What a RIP OFF!! Please don't get dragged in!!

Are you still available to assist me?

Re: What a RIP OFF!! Please don't get dragged in!!

When you make the comparison between HN and your hotspot are you watching the same video? Netflix uses a variable compression algorithm now that will compress "simple" visuals a lot more than "complex" visuals. So 2 different videos streaming in low def could have very different data usage.

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Re: What a RIP OFF!! Please don't get dragged in!!

Yes. Just to test this I put on the same exact movie in the same exact definition viewing (low) which is set as so on my Netflix account. My Netflix is set to ONLY stream low definition at 0.3GB per hour. And I can also just tell it wasn't in High Definition on either just from the picture on TV alone...
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Re: What a RIP OFF!! Please don't get dragged in!!

It just doesn't make sense in any scenerio HOW 1GB could drain in less than an hour whIle viewing video in low definition @ 0.3GB per hour. Nothing is adding up with my service since I've had it. It's extremely frustrating that my Data is draining... Then to top it off, on my useage grid, I'm seeing usage at times that no one was even at my home to use this said data!
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Re: What a RIP OFF!! Please don't get dragged in!!

What version of Roku do you have ?

How are you connecting your Roku to your Hughes system  ... wired or wireless ?

If thru a router ..... what brand, model and version ?

If using a router did you change the default username and password for the router's GUI ?

After having changed the above what wireless encryption level did you set up ?

In the router's setup pages did you do ALL of the following:

Turn off "Guest Account" ?

Disable WPS ?

Disable "Remote Access" ?

Disable "QoS" ?

Have you manually updated the routers Firmware ?

After having updated the firmware did you then change the routers settings so that is doesn't "auto-check" periodically ?

Have you disabled all router related "cloud/sync" services ? 

Without a wired computer in the house how did you create the "Network" in the first place ?

Please describe your TV:

Brand, Model ?

Have you run through the TV's "cloud/sync" services to insure the set isn't "sharing" data ?


Have you updated the Roku's internal software ?