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What happed to our daily allotment of 10 gigs when it has only been two days since they were added?

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What happed to our daily allotment of 10 gigs when it has only been two days since they were added?

Two days ago our 10 gig daily and 50 gig night was reset. Yesterday our usage shows more than 3 gigs and the same this morning. Now they say we only have a little over 3 gigs left for the rest of the month. Last month we used up the remaining data on the last couple of days downloading some programs we wanted. We are very careful about what we download and when. We have a secure modem and wifi which is password locked. We also live out in the country without any close neighbors. Hughes can't explain what happened and claims it is our fault. BS. I will not continue to be treated this way without using legal options available to us in the courts. This type of service is fraudulent. Part of the time we are being charged for, the computers weren't even turned on. In addition, the 15 MPS we were promised along with the promise that there wouldn't be a slow down action if we exceeded our allotted data, was also total BS. These things alone should be enough to have this company closed down. Any help would be appreciated.
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Re: What happed to our daily allotment of 10 gigs when it has only been two days since they were added?


What devices do you have connected to the service? 

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Re: What happed to our daily allotment of 10 gigs when it has only been two days since they were added?

When you finish trying to sabotage people getting help with their problems on here, maybe you can find something better to do, Bill. 

AMD Ryzen 5 3400G | XPG SX8200 Pro 500GB M.2 NVMe SSD | Western Digital Blue 500GB HDD | 16GB Corsair DDR4-3000 | Windows 10 Pro 64-bit

Re: What happed to our daily allotment of 10 gigs when it has only been two days since they were added?

Hello gandeholt,

Thank you for your post, we want to address your concerns. Please keep in mind there are countless factors that can use your data, you may want to check up on whatever may be applicable to you:

- more devices are capable of connecting to the internet: phones, tablets, gaming consoles, SmartTVs, and even refrigerators can connect wirelessly to the internet. Keep track of what devices you leave running on Wi-Fi.

- automatic-updates: your computer and any other programs you use will often keep working in the background, even if you're not actively using that program, in order to keep your system/program up-to-date. Anti-virus programs will periodically use your internet connection to check back with their malware database for any updates. You should have an option to turn off auto-updates and/or schedule them for a later time.

- multimedia content: Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, news sites, and other websites will contain videos, animated gifs, and sound clips that may start playing as soon as you land on the site. So much content, so easily available almost everywhere on the internet. For starters, try disabling auto-play video on Facebook:
or adjusting your Netflix playback quality to SD:

- more data sources can be found here, as posted by a fellow community member:

The most important tool to download is the Status Meter, available in the Customer Support Center, so download that if you haven’t already:

If you're unsure of where to start tracking where your data is being used, you can start by isolating the HughesNet modem to see if that is the source of the unidentified data usage.

Please take care in cropping out your SAN while taking the screenshots.

Let us know if you have any additional concerns we can address for you.

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Re: What happed to our daily allotment of 10 gigs when it has only been two days since they were added?

Thank you Amanda. We have been using computers since 1979 and are fully aware of what devices will connect to our wifi. We don't have any except two laptops and one PC that we control by turning them on or off. We have the dashboard and that has been the problem. I looked at it after two days of new data and it showed an almost 3 gig usage at 8 am on the first two days of our new data allotment. It shows starting the usage at 7 am and ending at 9 am. We were not downloading anything except some email (small data) and crossword puzzle on Pogo at about 100 to 300 megabytes per day. When I call Hughes, they couldn't explain the lost data and wanted to test which we did. No results were show for the lost data. They kept talking about 2 gigs of download during the off hour allotment which I was aware of. No explanation of the missing 6 gigs. I still say it is fraud that they took the 6 gigs and can't explain why.

Re: What happed to our daily allotment of 10 gigs when it has only been two days since they were added?

Good morning gandeholt,

I pulled up your account to investigate further and I see in the notes that the test showed no usage while the HughesNet modem was isolated, this is good. This shows that HughesNet is not the source of your unidentified data usage.

We have no way of telling what exactly used your data, so for the inconvenience, I've sent you some complimentary tokens. You may have received a confirmation e-mail for these free tokens, so no worries.

Moving forward, I suggest using GlassWire, a third-party data monitoring program, to help you pinpoint the programs on your PC that use the most data, because we can't tell you after the fact. Community members have suggested and used GlassWire, so feel free to ask them for tips on using it:

Please create a new thread in the community if you have a question or need help. Unsolicited Private Messages may not get replies.
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Re: What happed to our daily allotment of 10 gigs when it has only been two days since they were added?


I'm going to take the liberty of reposting two of my previous replies in an effort to give you a sense of direction in finding what is using your data.

The first:


This morning I looked at the Download Status Meter and was surprised to see that it said I had used 1.8 GB already. I had refilled on 7/23 and the amount claimed seemed a little high:

Digging a little further and just to confirm, SCC also showed 1.8 GB

Next, to get the most accurate numbers I logged into my Dashboard:

This tells me that as of this AM I have used 1771 MB since 12:00;00 AM 7/23/16

Now I have some hard numbers to work with ... now where did it go ?

I have a router so that means other devices can connect and share.

Those authorized devices include:

My main Win7 computer

A seldom used WinXP install

A Linux Mint 17.3 install

Wife's seldom used Win7

A Nook HD+ tablet

1771 MB is not a lot of usage but still more than I usually use at this point.

So what tools do I have to narrow things down a little ?

I already have the "How Much ?": 1771 MB

Next is the "When ?". For that I will bring up the "History" page of the DSM:

This show "peaks" on the 23rd, the 28th and the second. So now we have a "When"

With a router and that many devices ... do I have a problem ?

I have GlassWire installed on my main machine. Lets see what It claims was used by THAT machine compared to the total claimed by Hughes:

(click on picture for larger image)

Note the settings:

USAGE tab, TRAFFIC button, Month as display range and the "sliders: at the bottom set to define the required period within the month the 23rd thru the 3rd.

I did not include today (the 4th) as usage would have been minimal.

GlassWire shows usage ON THIS MACHINE of 1.6 GB so that leaves only 171 MB unaccounted for by GlassWire ... that amount would have been used by the other devices.

With that small of an amount used I can conclude that nothing went haywire with my other devices. If the number had been significant I would have had to remove the router and test each device one-by-one.

At this point we know:

What: Missing 1.6 GB

When: 7/23 thru 8/3 with "peak suspects" on 7/23. 7/28 and 8/2 

Where: My Win7 Laptop

All that remains is by WHO. For this we will use GlassWiire to take a closer look at those three key dates:

The 23rd:

Note that I have reset the "sliders" to define the period to the 23rd.

This shows a total of 342.9 MB used by this machine, out of a total claimed by Hughes of 597 on that day. We know that overall our numbers have been account for so the difference was used by the "other" devices.

A look at the column on the left show what programs and processes used data:

Note that the "ALL TRAFFIC" at the time is "active" to that the result of "ALL TRAFFIC" is displayed in the larger window to the right:

Going back here for a moment:

Be aware that if you click on one of the listed items, grater detail of that item will appear in the right hand window.

In this case HTTP (browser usage) is the BIG USER of that day.

Next we can move on to the detail of the 28th:

Same settings apply as in the 23rd.

259.7 MB used by this machine out of the total of 441 MB, the difference having been used by other devices but again, that is not a problem as all overall usage is accounted for.

The same detail settings can be applied to this date but again the top user was IE

Moving on to the 2nd:

We see that 269.2 MB used, again with the browser being the big user.

Overall, I had just used more data browsing than my normal habits with GlassWire pointing out that that was the top user.

There have been cases in the past where Firefox and Chrome have gone on a tangent and used massive amounts of data making it necessary to uninstall then reinstall.

I will keep and eye on IE for a time to be sure that a problem is not developing.

I also see that while not a big user, my Garmin GPS updater has used some data ... and that IS a problem for me because that function was thought to have been disabled.

The point of this post is ... if you think your data is evaporating then you need to know what "tools" you have available to answer What, When Where and Who.

In this case, no problem ... but I will keep a close eye on things.

The second:

There can be many reasons for losing data. In the end though it can only be either on the Hughes end or on the users end,

You should run a modem isolation test to see if it is on the Hughes end,

Here is the official graphic:

Follow the steps above and post screenshots of the before/after usage meter and the disconnect/connect times.

If you find that no usage occurs with all of your networked equipment disconnected we have to conclude that the usage is caused by something within your network.

While the following is a repost I think the steps apply to your situation as well:

In the event that no data was used during that period we can only conclude that "something" "somewhere" within your network is using data. It then becomes a "whodunit" and there are methods to determine that.

Divide and Conquer is the name of the game ... and it is essential.

A typical "home network" looks like this:

It is much too complicated to determine the "leak"

The Modem has access ... but we already performed an isolation test

The Router "guts" have access

Anything and everything with wireless range .. both authorize AND unauthorized devices COULD have access

Finally all wired computers have access.

During the troubleshooting phase the "network" MUST be reduced to the minimum number of variables.

It needs to have the router removed from the equation so as to look like this:

The number of variables has been brought down to a manageable level.

It now is time to download and install some software to track usage and identify what program and what process is or has been running and using data.

For this we need Glasswire: help/

An important point here .....

GlassWire will only monitor the single computer upon which it is installed.

Later as the router is reintroduced, GlassWire will have to be installed on every Windows computer that is connected to the router

Another point to be made here is that if Windows IS the root of the issue ... it uploads/downloads sporadically .. it may take time to "catch it in the act".

So as to not "torque" the amount of usage displayed by GlassWire we need to change a couple of settings ... we don't need to count (later on when more devices are connected) "local" traffic.

Here are my suggested settings:

(click on picture for larger image)

Understanding the results:

Each computer, one by one needs to go through this process.

Once all wired computers have been "cleared" we can add the router back in to the mix with one major exception .... we have to disable the "radio" ...

We then want to test the "network" consisting of all "cleared" wired devices and the router "guts" to ensure they work well together as a whole.

Now comes the stickey part the re-introduction of the routers wireless function.

Its tough because I know of no software that will load on the variety of devices that CAN connect ... cell phone, tablet and so forth.

On laptop computers you can od course load GlassWire but that still leaves many potential avenues open.

The "Poor Mans" method requires great discipline. ALL devices other than a single one have to be and remain in a "hard off" state and that is not easy to do.

Run that single device over time and monitor usage carefully while still running Glasswire and the "difference" is ... the amount used by THAT device.

Of the devices ... Apple stuff is probably the worst ... VERY large updates on a random basis and the updates are very prone to "break" during download causing them to restart from the beginning ... massive data loss there.

It is essential that the router be properly set up !

Guest access MUST be disabled in the routers internal GUI

No "open network" :  

WPA-PSK [TKIP] encryption at the very minimum !

Clear all devices one by one with the understanding that the usage may be sporadic.

There are higher end routers that WILL track usage by individual device but these may be out of reach (about $200) for the casual user. That is the only way to be SURE of what is going through a network.

If you have any questions please feel free to post them here.

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Re: What happed to our daily allotment of 10 gigs when it has only been two days since they were added?

Do I have to download the Status Meter to access Usage History?
I unplugged the router about a month ago and maybe shouldn't have.  Now have only one laptop direct to modem.  Ran out of data a week early-Unusual.  First time ever bought 5 @$16.  Gone in TWO days.  WTF, I know I didn't use it all, and I am the only one here.
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Re: What happed to our daily allotment of 10 gigs when it has only been two days since they were added?

Hello David,

The Usage History that I referenced in my post is part of the Download Status Meter.

There are other "Tools" available also:

Hughes offers three different usage meters:

#1: The modems internal SCC (System Control Center) display that can be found by entering into your browser.

The portion devoted to data allowance looks like this:

(click on picture for larger image)

The above meter has the advantage of being always available, it shows allowance info from all THREE "data buckets", Anytime Bytes (8am to 2am local) , Bonus Bytes (2am to 8am local) and Token Bytes which are extra cost data blocks that can be "stored" for use if and when needed.

The only problem with the above meter is in its "resolution". You won't see it increment downward in amounts less than 100 MB's.

Its great for a quick check but lacks "detail" if you are trying to track a data loss issue.

#2: There is a utility that is availa ble for download and installation on your computer from your dashboard at called the Download Status Meter:

(click on picture for larger image)

It too displays remaining data in all THREE "data buckets", Anytime Bytes (8am to 2am local), Bonus Bytes (2am to 8am) and the optional extra cost Token Bytes.

It also has a handy little ribbon graph that quickly shows if you are ahead or behind the "usage curve".

This meter, once you are past 1 GB of usage also lacks "resolution" and at times is slow to "update" from the source but it still has its uses. It also has a "u sage history" display.

#3: The third and most accurate of the usage meters is the "at a glance" meter found after logging into your dashboard at

(click on picture for larger image)

This one is the most accurate ... you can see usage right down to a single MB if needed.

It too shows data remaining in all three data buckets .. Anytime, Bonus and Token.

In addition to the "usage meters" there is also a History display in addition to the one within the Download Status Meter utility.

It can be found on your dashboard after clicking on the "usage" tab.

It is, as a history, subject to some delay ... usually one to three hours. The display has been recently updated: 

That pretty much sums up the official Hughesnet "tools".

David, I would encourage you to start a new topic of your own so we can focus on your issue. Not all have the same root cause.

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Re: What happed to our daily allotment of 10 gigs when it has only been two days since they were added?

Thank you for the detailed reply.