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What would explain upwards of two days not being able to connect after changing wi-fi name/password? For GabeU, champions, or others

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What would explain upwards of two days not being able to connect after changing wi-fi name/password? For GabeU, champions, or others

Since having my Hughesnet service, with which I'm very satisfied, I have changed passwords four times.

The first time I just changed my wi-fi password. No problems.

The second time I also just changed the wi-fi password. It took about a day and a half before our devices would connect with the new password. Coincidence? At the time I thought so.

The third time, not long ago, I changed the network name and password. I also marked the name to not be discoverable so it wouldn't come up when neighbors and others were trying to connect and the usual list of all the neighbors' networks come up. This, by the way, did not work. It came up for everybody and his brother, lol. 🙂

HOWEVER, it took a little over a WEEK for us to be able to connect again. Most of the time we got the message, "Unable to find network xyz." Then we started getting "Unable to join network xyz." Finally, it started asking for the password, which we put in literally dozens of time, to naught, until one glorious morning...Hooray! LOL!

A few days ago I changed the network name, wi-fi password, and router password. I was prepared for another week, possibly more, with no internet connection. However, this time it took three days. Exact same scenario as above.

I have the HT1100 router.

What would explain this? Is my router "slow?" Does it need remedial reading classes? LOL Did I do something amiss? The ONLY things I changed in my router were the above mentioned.

I'm really curious and would love to hear some hypotheses. 🙂
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Hummm .... That is strange. never had it happen (yet) but I follow a set procedure when making changes.

A couple of points:

Hiding the SSID really isn't effective. The same with whitelisting IP's, they can be spoofed. While it does add one more "layer" it is only effective in keeping honest people out.

Whenever I institute a change I use the following procedure:

I connect a single computer by wire to the router.

If changing the routers GUI username/password, I do that from the wired computer and then reboot the router. Doing so will give the router a "clean slate".

There is one place things can get tricky ... having a browser such as Firefox remember usernames and passwords for anything router related ... don't do it.

If Changing anything wireless related I will take each wireless device in turn and delete the connection. When all wireless devices have been "uninvited" I will change the wireless encryption, save the changes (doing this from a wired connection) and reboot the router.

That mandates that all wireless clients then start from scratch beginning with SSID discovery.

Again I've never had your issue.

I'll be interesting in seeing what others may post on this issue.

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Sorry, but I have absolutely no clue.  I can see taking a minute for the router to reboot, but not to have no access for days, then all of a sudden it just works.  That's REALLY odd. 

It's Gremllins, I tell ya, GREMLINS!!!!

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If you are just changing password. Not the network name. It is still seeing it has the old one.. You need to go and and click forget network.  Then let it find it again and you will type in new password. The best way to avoid this is to change network name also..
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Forgetting to forget the old connection is an easy and common mistake. Do need to forget old connection and re-establish with the new password. Great point and most likely the answer to the problem.
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Every once in a while I get something right...

Good morning Chewagirl,

Interesting situation. I wonder if Gokartergo's suggestion to forget the old network will do the trick.

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Thanks, all! I did not forget the old network name and password, so I bet that's it. Next time I'll be sure to do that and I'll let you all know how that works out. And I've GOT to stop getting those gremlins wet!!!