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When are bonus bytes used?

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When are bonus bytes used?

When I logged onto my computer this morning at 6 AM I had 100% of my bonus bytes available.  According to the history usage, I used 212 MB (out out of my 1050 MB at 6 AM and another 139 between 6 AM and 7 AM before leaving for the day.  The graph shows no usage after that.  So I am puzzled as to why the status meter indicates I have only 36% of my daily service plan data left at 6 PM.  Shouldn't the data used between 6 AM and 7 AM PDT count towards bonus and not daily service plan?  I am confused as to when the bonus bytes are used since we seem to always run out of our daily service plan bytes and never use the bonus ones.


Hi ret2rom,


Thank you for your patience. The engineer confirmed for me that our graphs account for DST. He also checked in logs from June 9 and did not find anything that would have caused that anomaly you experienced that morning. I've sent you a complimentary token for the inconvenience so you may receive an e-mailed order confirmation for the free token. Please don't hesitate to drop by again if you have additional concerns.



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